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America Rows Youth Regional Championship Grant Program

The America Rows Youth Regional Championship Grant Program was designed to increase the participation of America Rows programs at the USRowing Youth Regional Championships.

2019 America Rows Youth Regional Championship Grant Program

Program Goals:

  1. To increase the participation of our America Rows programs in USRowing’s Youth Regional Championships.
  2. To provide stipends that can be used to cover some of the cost of travel and lodging.

Participants:  America Rows organizations with a youth rowing program and their USRowing championship members who are competing at a USRowing Youth Regional Championships or Youth National Championship qualification regattas.

Cost: This is a needs-based stipend.


The rowing program must represent an ethnically, racially or *economically underrepresented population that is less than 10% of USRowing’s membership.

*Economically underrepresented will mean that the athlete is living below or at the federal guidelines for poverty and or qualify for the free or reduced federal lunch program.


In early 2019, USRowing will encourage the America Rows programs to participate in their USRowing Youth Regional Championship Regatta. USRowing will make available online an America Rows stipend request. This will be a downloaded document that can be scanned and returned to the Senior Director of Programs and Communications or designated proxy, who will evaluate and possibly approve the request. The grant request can cover travel, lodging or event entry fees for crews/athletes that meet the eligibility requirements. It cannot cover USRowing individual membership fees.

The 2019 grant application will be available beginning March 1, 2019.


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