Women’s CanAmMex Team Camp

The CanAmMex Team Camp will be comprised of athletes that are no longer competing for worlds boats. Details about this camp are as follows:


Location – New London, CT (Conn College and US Coast Guard Academy)
Dates – June 16 – July 16 (Location and end-date subject to change based on Mexican NGB announcement)
Phase I – June 16 – July 3- $3,290
Phase 2 – July 4 – July 16 – $2650
Athlete Ages – 2001 and younger (U18)
Details – Rowers will be invited to the Selection Camp to have the ability to compete for Junior World Championship boats. Once they are no longer competing for worlds boats, they will be competing for CanAmMex seats (8+ and 4x). The 13 athletes (12 rowers and 1 coxswain) will travel to Mexico to compete against Canada and Mexico.
# of Rowers –13 (8+, 4x)
Goal – Provide international racing experience to the top candidates for the Junior World Championship athletes for the following summer.

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