USRowing SafeSport Reporting Procedures

USRowing strongly encourages the reporting of all forms of misconduct. Reporting issues of misconduct to USRowing may be done using the USRowing SafeSport Reporting Form (see below), USRowing SafeSport Hotline: (609) 751-0710, USRowing SafeSport e-mail:, or by contacting the USRowing SafeSport Compliance Officer:  John Wik at 302-383-9923 or

Reporting of issues of misconduct may be made anonymously. However, USRowing encourages the complainant to provide enough detail to allow for a proper investigation, if required.

All reports of misconduct are initially treated as confidential. The confidential nature of a report is maintained until the complainant determines that he or she wishes the report to become a formal complaint. If a complainant requests, a confidential report may be provided to USRowing strictly for inclusion in a case file without further action. All reports involving sexual misconduct will be submitted to the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Organizational Member Reporting

Organizational members may report issues of non-sexual misconduct using any of the above procedures to USRowing only after they have exhausted all remedies available under their internal Organizational Member SafeSport Program. A description of the processes and procedures used by the organizational member should be included with the submission to USRowing.

USRowing can refer a complaint brought by an outside complainant to the organizational member for review and require the organizational member to report its findings to USRowing. USRowing retains the right to conduct an independent inquiry following the organizational member’s investigation. USRowing also has the discretion to conduct an investigation of any complaint brought to USRowing regardless of whether local options have been exhausted.

All issues of sexual misconduct that occur within an organizational member must be reported directly to the U.S. Center for SafeSport following the procedures found at, as well as to state and local enforcement agencies as required.

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