Under 19 Coxswains

These camps are instructional with a focus on providing insight into what is required of our best rowers and coxswains and the tools to achieve success at the international level.

Our national team coaches will work hard to demonstrate ways the athletes can improve and to help athletes discover that the U19 national team is both attainable and fun.

Highlights of the ID Camp program include:

  • The U19 National Team — who we are and what the selection camp and development camp are all about (open to parents and coaches).
  • The learning experience of the 2018 Junior World Championships with a question and answer session with a member of the squad — where members are available. (Open to parents and coaches).
  • Expectations and things you can do to become a better coxswain including how to use audio tapes for feedback.

The Coxswain’s Process

We use the ID Camp to evaluate you both on land and on the water (if possible).  There is great deal of base knowledge that coxswains demonstrate on land with their interactions with the coaching staff, other coxswains, and their knowledge of both equipment and the rowing stroke.  We will attempt to get all coxswains on the water for an evaluation of their basic boat handling skills.

Please note: We are looking for Coxswains who can comfortably manage the international racing weight standard of 121 pounds (male or female).

After the demonstration of their basic skill set, coxswains need to submit audio to Laura Simon, our coxswain coach.  Those seeking an invite to ANY camp past the ID Camp MUST submit audio for review, including coxswains who attended camps last year.  Please click here for submission instructions.

After review of all audio submitted, coxswain invites will be distributed based on where the coxswain is ranked in their year of birth! Invites typically go out the third week of May for coxswains

Women’s Camps:

  • Selection (Jr Worlds Team):
    • 4 to 6 coxswains 
    • 2001’s are eligible for this camp only
  • High Performance Team: 
    • 4 coxswains 2002 or younger
  • Development:
    • 5 coxswains
    • ’03’s or younger

Please note: if both 2002’s from selection do not make it through Phase I of selection, they will be offered a spot at Development Camp, to continue training and developing for the 2019 Worlds Selection.

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