U18 Men’s Small Boat/Sculling Development Camp

The small boat/sculling development camp will take place at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Details for the camp are as follows:


Location – Bates College, Lewiston Maine
Dates – June 17 – July 6
Cost – $3,390
Athlete Ages – 2001 and younger (U18)
Details – On-water instruction will focus on technical improvements necessary for small boat moving ability as well as provide an ideal setting for those athletes looking to learn how to scull or further develop their sculling skills to increase their potential impact at future camps. Sessions will work in 4x’s, 2-‘s, 2x’s, and 1x’s as they develop better boat sense and become more well-rounded oarsmen.  The program will eliminate the stress of selection, while placing them alongside other highly motivated and competitive individuals.
# of Rowers – A goal of about 32 rowers.
Goal – Provide an introduction to sculling as well as the camp environment for those athletes seen as having the physical potential to contribute to the National Team in future years.

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