U17 Men’s Racing Camps

There will be four U17 men’s racing camps offered this summer. Details for these camps are as follows:


Locations – Ashland, OR, Chattanooga, TN, Sarasota, FL and Saratoga, NY
Dates – June 16 – July 15
Cost – $5,340 ($3,390 – Camp Fee + $1,950 Club Nationals Training/Travel Fee)
Athlete Ages – 2002 and younger (U17)
Details – Rowers will start in Ashland, Chattanooga, Sarasota or Saratoga. Camps will be a mix of development work and racing education in sweep and sculling. All will provide athletes a greater understanding of how to further themselves in their development and become more ready to compete for a spot on the Junior National Team competing at the Junior World Championships in future years. On or around July 8 or 9 all four (4) camps will travel to Camden, NJ to complete their camp at USRowing Club Nationals. Rowers will expect to coordinate and pay for their own travel to camp and travel home from New Jersey.
# of Rowers – All camps will have a goal of 32 rowers and 4 coxswains.
Goal – Develop young rowers, provide racing experience and win. Also provide a camp experience to young athletes who will hopefully continue in the junior national team system for several more summers.

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