Training Suggestions for Month of January 2018

The month of January can be the last month of general preparation. In this case the training program should similar to December. The weight lifting workouts can be changed towards more of strength endurance, but coaches may decide to maintain heavier lifting like in December.

Some coaches will treat this month as the first month of specific rowing reparation. This means to try to develop very solid aerobic base by prioritizing the long distance workouts (U2 and U1). We should push the total volume of these workouts to almost maximum (80- 90 min) but in the forms which provide the athletes with some fun and some safety against injury.

Never do these as one long piece. Always divide into shorter pieces for instance 7-8 x 10min/2min rest or 4x 20 min/ 3-4 min rest the most popular or in form of 19min pyramid (4’,3’,2’,1’, 2’, 3’,4’). The most fun and the most equipment efficient method is to mix activities for instance: 20 min erg, then 20min run, plus 20 min erg, plus 20 min run.

If you do not have individual splits calculated (Level 2) for the erg pieces, row them as a competition at low cadence. The low cadence in itself is a good safety valve, it will protect kids from overtraining.

It is suggested to use the following types of workouts per week: 3x U2 workouts, 2x U1, and 1x mix workout AT/TR.

If you want to lift weights as well, then you have to prioritize where they fit into your program. If they are lower priority, insert them into your U2 workouts at beginning of the session then follow with the rest of the workout. If they are high on your list then you have to sacrifice one U2 and one U1 workouts and replace them with the weights. You can ask your athletes to do 1-2 aerobic workouts on their own outside of your official schedule.

Here is an example of the program for month of January .


If you have any questions related to the program, feel free to contact me vial email :

-Kris Korzeniowski

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