Training Suggestions for Month of December 2017

The month of December is still the month of general preparation. The focus should be on general conditioning, making your athletes better prepared for more specific training later on.

It means working on the muscular system, core, flexibility (body circuits, medicine balls, plyometric), coordination (games), lifting weights and some aerobic workouts (run, bike, erg, rowing), as well .

Athletes and their coaches like using weights.  I would suggest to have three days designated for general conditioning (GC) and lifts together. The most popular ratio of the weight-lifting in the month of December is:  heavy lifting (Maximum Strength) x2 and endurance lifting (Strength Endurance) x1. Coaches who think they have more to gain from endurance weights can reverse this ratio to 1x heavy lifting and 2x endurance circuits. Heavy lifting (MS) means hypertrophy. Endurance lifting is strength endurance (SE) up to 800-1500 repetitions (more details in the Level 2 Manual).

The days between the lifts should be designated totally to aerobic endurance which is a lower priority but only for this month (U2 and U1 workouts). If you are on the erg, try to row at the individual splits calculated for each type of the workouts (see level 2 Manual).

Sticking to this type of priorities the weekly schedule could be as follows:

GC- General Conditioning workout could be: body circuit, light weight circuit or combination of both above plus some medicine balls exercises, some plyometric as well; MS-maximum strength, SE- strength endurance; U2, is well known basic steady state at 16-20; U1, is a harder steady state at 20 – 22.

–Kris Korzeniowski

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