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Three Year Growth Plan

Rowing is growing! To date, our community has grown to more than 1,300 clubs and 85,000 athletes racing at over 400 events a year. Everyone who rows shares in the success, and USRowing is determined to continue this growth trend.

We are rolling out a new three-year plan to add value and convenience for you in four key areas:

  • Improving technology

  • Expanding coaching education offerings

  • Strengthening the referee pool through education and recruitment

  • Supporting our organizations with resources focused on club and event best practices

The added value from this plan will benefit our entire membership community. In the past, the dues from championship and organizational members of USRowing have shouldered the expense for growth and development. For rowing to evolve to its full potential, we need to unite as a community.

Beginning in 2016, a modest annual administrative fee of $5.75, which will increase nominally over a three-year period, will be charged when basic members join or renew and execute their annual waiver*. There will be no change to championship member dues. The basic member administration fee can be paid by 1) athletes logging into their individual member accounts or 2) as a bulk payment by administrators logging into their organizational account and accessing their roster in the membership portal. Either way is fine; it’s up to the organization how it wants to handle payment. Please see the videos below outlining either process.

The following outlines the investment plan to grow rowing resources. The plan involves shared investment through partnerships with regional and national rowing groups. We have assembled a diverse group of representatives from the rowing community to form the gROWth Team, a rowing “think tank” which provides insight, reflection and collaboration with the implementation, selection of partners and community engagement. Click here to discover more about this 13-person team.

*Please note: personal waivers are signed only once per calendar year, regardless of the number of events or clubs in which you participate. 


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