Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Welcome to USRowing. To speak with USRowing directly, please call our toll-free, member services line at 1-800-314-4ROW (4769) or e-mail or member services center at Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

2 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4ROW (4769); (609) 751-0700
Fax: (609) 924-1578

Staff Directory

Patrick McNerney
Chief Executive Officer

Pamela Adler
Manager, Member Services and Administration
P: (609) 751-0713

Debbie Arenberg
Adaptive Programs Development Specialist
P: (207) 850-0211

Willie Black
Coaching Education Manager
P: (317) 450-3229

Katie Boldvich
Collegiate and Special Events Manager
P: (609) 576-9869

Dan Brauchli
Communications Manager, Press Officer
P: (609) 751-0704

Sharon Collins
Candidate Referee Recruiter
P: (610) 613-3425

Will Daly
National Team Athlete Services Coordinator
P: (609) 751-0708

Tom Darling
Director of Para-Rowing
P: (617) 513-0708

A.J. Dominique
Senior Events Manager
P: (225) 335-2924

Liz Fusco
Sport Dietitian
P: (707) 331-2981

Steve Hargis
Junior National Team Development Coach
P: (860) 961-6664

Matt Imes
Director of High Performance
P: (609) 658-2829

Brett Johnson
Senior Director, Programs and Communications
P: (609) 751-0707

Cameron Kiosoglous
Director of Athlete Development and Performance
P: (202) 415-1984

Alyce Klausner
Membership Assistant
P: (609) 751-0700

Brian Klausner
Chief Financial Officer
P: (609) 751-0702

Kris Korzeniowski
Director of Coaching Education
P: (609) 915-6224

Allison Mueller
Communications Consultant
P: (609) 751-0710

Marc Nowak
Sport Physical Therapist

James Rawson
National Events and West Coast Program Manager
P: (503) 473-6239

Liz Soutter
Director of National Team Athlete Services/
National Team Para Programs Manager
P: (609) 751-0714

Susan Smith
Chief Domestic Officer
P: (609) 751-0703

John Wik
Director, Safesport and Special Projects
P: (302) 383-9923

Samantha Wonderlin
Membership Coordinator
P: (609) 751-0705

Jules Zane
Membership Programs Manager
P: (609) 751-0706

Mike Zimmer
Director of National Team Programs
P: (609) 751-0712

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