Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Welcome to USRowing. To speak with USRowing directly, please call our toll-free, member services line at 1-800-314-4ROW (4769) or e-mail or member services center at Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

2 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (800) 314-4ROW (4769); (609) 751-0700
Fax: (609) 924-1578

Staff Directory

Please note that USRowing’s email addresses have recently changed. The old email addresses still work, but please update your contacts with the new email addresses.

Patrick McNerney
Chief Executive Officer

Pamela Adler
Senior Manager, Finance and Administration
P: (609) 751-0713

Debbie Arenberg
Specialist, Adaptive Program Development
P: (207) 850-0211

Maeve Berry
Coordinator, Communications

Willie Black
Manager, Coaching Development
P: (317) 450-3229

Dan Brauchli
Manager, Communications, Press Officer
P: (609) 955-0026

Will Daly
Coordinator, National Team Athlete Services
P: (609) 751-0708

Tom Darling
Director, Para Rowing
P: (617) 513-0708

A.J. Dominique
Senior Manager, Events
P: (225) 335-2924

A.J. Edenzon
Coordinator, Events
P: (609) 751-0715

Liz Fusco, MS, RDN
Performance Dietitian, National Teams
P: (707) 331-2981

Brett Sickler Gorman
Director, Athlete Identification and Development
P: (734) 678-2369

Steve Hargis
Director, U19 Women’s and Men’s Programs
P: (860) 961-6664

Matt Imes
High Performance Director
P: (609) 658-2829

Brett Johnson
Senior Director, Programs and Communications
P: (609) 751-0707

Cameron Kiosoglous
Director, Coaching Development
P: (202) 415-1984

Alyce Klausner
Membership Assistant
P: (609) 751-0700

Brian Klausner
Chief Financial Officer
P: (609) 751-0702

Kris Korzeniowski
Senior Director, Coaching Development
P: (609) 915-6224

Marc Nowak
Director, Athlete Health

Megan Peres
Coordinator, Events
P: (609) 751-0711

James Rawson
Manager, National Events and West Coast Programs
P: (503) 473-6239

Susan Smith
Chief Domestic Officer
P: (609) 751-0703

Traci Stocker
Director, Member Services and Programs
P: (609) 751-0706

John Wik
Director, SafeSport Programs
P: (609) 751-0710

Wendy Wilbur
Director, National Team Athlete Services
P: (609) 751-0714

Samantha Wonderlin
Specialist, Membership Marketing
P: (609) 751-0705

Jules Zane
Manager, Referee and Member Programs
P: (609) 613-6693

Mike Zimmer
Director, National Team Programs
P: (609) 751-0712

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