SafeSport Update on MAAP

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has developed several online training programs to educate and protect the sports community. Protecting minor athletes from sexual misconduct, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, bullying, harassment and hazing is an important part of this training.

The center also has established new training policies, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAP), which is required for all adults who work with minor athletes. Training is required for all “Applicable Adults,” defined as any individual 19 years of age or older who has regular contact with minor athletes including coaches, member organization board members, staff, athletes, volunteers, and individuals working as officials. The training is provided as a free service and membership benefit to USRowing member organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is provided as guidance for USRowing member organizations to complete the training for MAAP.

  1. Who is required to take the online training?
    All “Applicable Adults” as defined above. If you are unsure of an individual’s status, it’s recommended that he or she take the training anyway, as it is a key component in protecting our athletes and providing a safe environment for sport.
  2. How often is the online training required?
    Annually. After taking the initial training in the first year, a quick refresher course can be taken each year after that.
  3. How is the mandatory training accessed?
    You can access the free training at
  4. Should anyone else take the training?
    USRowing encourages all parents and athletes, regardless of age, to take the online training. The Center for SafeSport is currently developing age-appropriate training for minor athletes. The new modules, available July 15, 2019, will incorporate a statement of parental consent before allowing a minor athlete access. The center also is developing an additional set of training modules for parents. These will be available by the fall of 2019.
  5. What other requirements should our member organizations be concerned about?
    MAAP also requires USRowing and member organizations to maintain policies and provide parental consent for any minor athlete activities that involve locker rooms and changing areas, travel, and lodging. USRowing has provided model policies that may be found in the USRowing Participant Safety Handbook.
  6. Who should I call with questions?
    If you have questions, concerns or comments contact:
    John Wik
    Director of SafeSport, USRowing
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