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Join the Olympic Journey #RowtoRioChallenge

Support the National Team, Meter for Meter – 8,864,734 Meters Logged

The Olympic Journey has begun. USRowing is challenging coaches, athletes, administrators, staff, parents and non-rowers alike to join us in the #RowToRioChallenge! Show Team USA we are behind them, meter for meter, by dedicating the distance of team or individual workouts to the #RowtoRioChallenge! We hope to log over 7,757,639 meters, the distance between USRowing’s Training Center (Princeton, NJ) and the 2016 Olympic Rowing Venue (Rio de Janeiro).

Be active and get creative! We’ve rowed to Rio and are heading back; see how your meters stack up in our collective meters logged page. Sample posts and rules are below!

Participate Online

  • Use #RowToRioChallenge when posting your video or photo on Twitter or Instagram. Support Team USA with meters from rowing, running, erging, biking, swimming or other forms of distance measured cross training. Get creative!
  • Teams and individuals are encouraged to dedicate a weekly practice(s) or training session(s) to the #RowToRioChallenge. Rowing is the ultimate team sport.
  • USRowing will announce winners on Twitter and Instagram every Wednesday.
  • Follow USRowing on Twitter or Instagram to see how far we’ve gone!

Participate at Select Events

  • Come to the USRowing booth at the event and jump on an erg.
  • Throw down some meters; whether its a 250 or a 2k, every meter counts!
  • USRowing will keep track of entries at each select event.
 Find #RowtoRioChallenge at…  Date  Location
 Arnold Sports Classic  March 6  Columbus, OH
 San Diego Crew Classic  April 2-3  San Diego, CA
 Stotesbury Cup Regatta  May 20-21  Philadelphia, PA
 Independence Day Regatta  July 3-5  Philadelphia, PA
 Club Nationals  July 13-17  Lake Harsha in Bethel, OH
 Masters Nationals  August 18-21  Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA

“Row to Rio” is USRowing’s national marketing campaign to actively involve the entire rowing community in supporting the U.S. National Team on its journey to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio.

Current Meters

We’ve made it to Rio, and we’re heading back! To view the current meters logged for the Row To Rio Challenge, click here.

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