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Registering your regatta with USRowing means that your regatta is officially and nationally recognized as a safe and fair event, meeting the highest standards for American regattas. The 2019 Registered Regatta Program continues to offer regatta organizers unprecedented ‘no additional cost’ liability benefits for the regatta and its participants.

Membership Services recently introduced the new online Registered Regatta Portal for our organizational members, including offering online registration for third-party insured regattas for the first time.

Please visit the Membership Portal and log in as your organization under ‘Organizations’ and then ‘Members’. You will be able to access the Registered Regatta Portal by clicking on the ‘Regattas’ button once you are logged in. If you are currently not able to log in with your Regatta Central account, you may not be listed in the correct role or may not be registered as your team’s administrator. You may ask your current team administrator to list you as an additional administrator or as a regatta director.

If you are having issues logging in, need assistance working through the registration system or encounter technical errors, contact Jules Zane at or (609) 789-9024.

 USRowing offers sanctioning fees as follows. Please contact Jules Zane at USRowing Membership Services regarding refund options in case of event cancellations.

Sanctioning Fee Schedule:

  • Indoor Regattas (any size), $250
    All indoor attendees must be current organizational members of USRowing. All unaffiliated athletes must be a championship or basic member. 
  • Indoor Regattas (any size), $500
    Outside competitors/non-USRowing members permitted with paper waiver. This option is not available online. Please call 1-800-314-4ROW (4769) for details.
  • Small Regattas (1-500 participants), $375
  • Medium Regattas (501-1,000 participants), $750
  • Large Regattas (1,001-2,000 participants), $1,250
  • Mega Large Regattas (2,001+ participants), $1,750
  • Third-Party Insurance, $100
    This option is for regattas using third-party liability coverage to cover the event. The registration strictly covers referees. Sending in a copy of your certificate of insurance for the event is required for approval.


  • The host organization must be a current organizational member of USRowing.
  • All attending organizations must be current organizational members of USRowing and their rowers must have at minimum an active Basic membership (i.e., waiver, paid Member Admin fee).
  • All unaffiliated rowers must have a Championship Membership with USRowing.
  • Sanctioning fees must be paid in full one month prior to the event.
  • If the regatta is not using RegattaCentral services, a list of anticipated attending crews must be submitted to USRowing.
  • The Chief Referee must be fully licensed and have a current Championship Membership.
  • Any exceptions or amendments to USRowing rules must be submitted to USRowing.

Please note: Dual and tri events are covered under your USRowing Insurance and do not need to be registered. However, all attending organizations must be organizational members of USRowing.

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