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Registered Regatta FAQs

Do you have questions about the USRowing registered regatta program? Look for answers among the most common frequently asked questions about registered regattas. If you can’t find your answers here, please contact USRowing Member Services at 1-800-314-4769 or

If I choose to use different event insurance other than USRowing insurance, how can I still use USRowing referees?

If you prefer to use different insurance coverage for your registered regatta, you may do so with the option to register your regatta for $100. With this option, you may register your event while still getting access to USRowing referees. Be sure to fill out the registered regatta application if you anticipate using outside insurance.

What if we would like to purchase additional coverage for our registered regatta or our registered regatta committee?

Contact Roehrs & Company Inc., at 1-888-467-3557. Also, you can refer to the directors and officers, crime insurance, hired/non-owned auto physical damage and rowing equipment coverage sections of this brochure.

If we are running a non-registered regatta, can we still purchase the USRowing coverage?

The coverage is only for USRowing registered regattas. It is not available to non-registered regattas, as USRowing cannot sanction or “vouch for” the safety at those events.

What if our organization is hosting a dual or tri-meet regatta? Do we need to register the event?

If the organizations involved with the dual or tri-meet regatta are current member organizations, there is no need to register the regatta. The activities will be covered under your club’s insurance policy.

Why did USRowing opt for $1,000,000 primary and $1,000,000 excess coverage per incident for registered regattas? Isn’t $1,000,000 sufficient?

Many registered regattas must carry $2,000,000 per occurrence coverage due to the requirements of their host regions or other constraints. For example, some cities or municipalities require a $2,000,000 per occurrence limit. Some regattas may have other affiliations through which they can access this additional coverage at no cost. However, for the majority of regattas, the cost of obtaining the additional $1,000,000 is quite high compared to the cost to USRowing to provide it as a registered regatta benefit.

Is the sale of alcohol at our registered regatta covered? No. The SALE of alcohol is not covered under insurance. However, Host Liquor Liability is included in the coverage, and that covers you for fundraisers, banquets, etc., where you may serve alcohol as part of the function. If your organization is in the business of selling alcohol, you need to purchase coverage for this risk. Click here for a Liquor Liability application.

Does the insurance provide coverage for our registered regatta committee?

Yes. If the committee qualifies as a registered regatta committee or member organization in good standing with USRowing, the policy provides liability coverage for their activities related to the organization and operation of the registered regatta. These include planning meetings, banquets, event set-up, regatta operations, event tear-down, and award banquets. A Directors and Officers policy may be purchased separately if you need or want that type of coverage.

What about registered regatta competitors? Are they covered during registered regatta events?

Yes. If the regatta meets the requirements for registered regatta designation by USRowing and all release of liability forms have been signed electronically, or verified, then all rowers, coxswains, coaches, referees, club members and USRowing individual members receive liability and excess accident medical benefits (subject to terms and exclusions) for covered event activities. Volunteers (while acting on your behalf) and other individuals approved as participants also receive liability coverage (subject to terms and exclusions) for approved activities.

Can our additional insureds be added? At what cost?

Yes. You can request a certificate of insurance online or call 888-467-3557. There is no charge for requesting an Additional Insured Certificate.

Can we get insurance under the registered regatta program for canoe and kayak racing?

Regattas that also offer canoe and kayak competition should contact USRowing member services at 800-314-4ROW (4769) or to discuss opportunities to ensure coverage under the registered regatta program.

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