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Referee Insurance FAQ

1. As a referee, does my USRowing membership include insurance as a benefit?

Yes, your USRowing annual membership provides you with two forms of coverage: 1) liability insurance with a $2,000,000 per occurrence limit; and 2) accident excess medical coverage of up to $25,000 (with a $250 deductible). The accident excess medical coverage is secondary to any primary insurance coverage you may have.

2. If I am named in a lawsuit for an incident that occurred at an USRowing Registered Regatta, dual or tri between member organizations, am I covered?

Yes, a referee named personally in a lawsuit for their actions and brought by a participant in a registered regatta is covered, coverage falls under the General Liability Policy.  This policy has no “player vs. player” exclusion in the coverage and protects the referee for actions such as an alleged bad judgment call. This protects the referee and parallels the coverage USRowing Association has for itself and the regatta.

*Please note that coverage does not extend to incidents during activities at non-USRowing Registered Regattas, or duals and tris between non-member organizations.

3. Don’t I have liability coverage for my referee activity under my Homeowners/Tenant Insurance policy?

You may or may not have coverage under your Homeowners/Tenants Insurance policy for this. You should discuss the topic with your agent to confirm. Note that, for the fee you pay to USRowing for membership, you do receive this protection in addition to the other of USRowing benefits provided to our members.

4. What if I am injured while participating in an USRowing Registered Regatta, dual, or tri between member organizations?

As a member of USRowing, you hold a $25,000 (with a $250 deductible) excess accident medical benefit; $15,000 of accidental death; and $50,000 of dismemberment coverage. This policy is excess to any primary insurance.

*Please note that coverage does not extend to incidents during activities at non-USRowing Registered Regattas, or dials and tris between non-member organizations.

5. Why would I need coverage when I have health insurance through another source, such as my employer?

Your health insurance may not cover all of the expenses associated with your refereeing injury.  If your health insurance covers only part of your medical bills, and you have out-of-pocket expenses or deductibles that are not covered, you may submit those expenses for consideration under the USRowing plan.

6. If I am without primary insurance and I am injured while refereeing, do I have coverage?

Yes, the accident policy will respond as primary in the absence of other insurance, provided that the accident occurred during an USRowing Registered Regatta, dual, or tri between member organizations and meets all of the definitions for coverage under the policy.

7. Who should sign a release of liability form?

Every referee should sign a waiver before the beginning of their season. When a referee joins USRowing as a full-privileged member, they are required to sign the annual release form. This release will apply to all USRowing club and regatta activities that an individual participates in during the year.

8. If I am refereeing at a non-USRowing Registered Regatta, do I have coverage?

No. Coverage applies only to USRowing Registered Regattas, or duals and tris between member organizations. If you are injured, or named in a lawsuit this policy does not provide you with protection for officiating. The Registered Regatta Program was developed to ensure that standards are being implemented for safety and fair play. Although there are quality regattas that are not registered, USRowing cannot assume the responsibility for how non-registered events are conducted.

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