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Important Dates

USRowing referees should mark their annual calendars with the following important dates.

September 1: Letter of application due to Referee Committee

September 1: Julian Wolf, Jack Franklin and Mama Z award nominations due

September 30: Referees complete RDS entries

October 1: Referee evaluations begin and award winner announcements due

October 31: Referee evaluations completed

November 1: At-large nominations to CEO and selection of National Regatta Juries begin

November 15: Selection of National Regatta Juries complete

November 30: Regional representatives to USRowing

December Committee Meeting: Selection of FISA candidates

December: Announcement of National Regatta Juries for upcoming year

January: Regional representatives election

February 1: Regional representative election complete

February 2: Regional representative election announcement

Regional Standing committee members shall be elected by vote in their respective regions:

  • (1) Southeast and Southwest regions: Commencing in 2012 and every three (3) years thereafter
  • (2) Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions: commencing in 2013 and every three (3) years thereafter
  • (3) Northeast and Northwest regions: Commencing in 2014 and every three (3) years thereafter
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