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Successful fundraising is key to the operation of most rowing organizations. To help make fundraising campaigns more effective and efficient, USRowing has partnered with sports crowdfunding industry leader to create partnership highlights USRowing’s dedication to provide more state-of-the-art tools, programs and funding resources for its members and donors.

Get started! is exclusively for our member organizations. It is designed to help you garner support for your ongoing expenses, programs and events. Each organization develops its own campaign, and promotes it through USRowing’s platform (which is run and serviced by RallyMe). Funds collected through your campaign go directly to your organization, not USRowing.

Rally Me - USRowing

Create your Rally Campaign

USRowing recently completed a RallyMe campaign in support of its Freedom Rows program: Check it out here.

Wondering what crowdfunding is?

It’s the practice of asking many people for a small amount of funds for a clearly stated goal. Crowdfunding has become the “new normal” for organizations who can harness the power of the Internet and their social media networks to raise needed funds for their goals. It is true people-to-people funding and we’re excited to provide you with this critical and current tool.


If you have questions or need assistance with your Rally, please contact:

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