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Peril Assessment Scoring System (PASS)

Is your club able to meet or exceed USRowing’s and Philadelphia Insurance Company’s 90 percent excellent rating? This risk assessment survey is intended to help you identify the club’s key exposures and controls. Following the completion of the PASS™ (Peril Assessment Scoring System), you will receive a score specific to your operation. In addition, you will be provided with a Key Improvement plan which identifies areas that need improvement.

Our model is based upon industry best practices including USRowing coaching manuals. PASS™ indicates the percentage of best practices that your safety management system utilizes compared to our model.

The assessment is valuable because it pinpoints strengths and weaknesses. You can use the assessment to help you design a more effective safety program for your organization.

Get Started

To take the PASS™ survey click Create a new PASS Report, fill out the survey and at the end you will be asked your club name and then you will be given a score and a list of “key areas of improvement.” You will also be able to print out the information after you complete the survey to share with club members. The link Key Areas of Improvement document library will provide you with resources that can used to research the weaknesses found in the assessment and look for ways to improve the safety of your club. If you want to fill out the survey at a board or staff meeting you can print out a copy of the survey prior to taking it online by Click to download a copy of the assessment questions.

Note: This information will NOT affect your club’s insurance rates or disqualify you from insurance eligibility, in fact the information is not viewed or saved by the insurance company. This information is for you to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your safety program.

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