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Compete and connect with your USRowing Organizational Membership!
Being an Organizational Member helps strengthen and grow rowing communities across the US. There are currently more than 1,375 active organizational members, and our goal is to grow that in 2019. 

Special pricing options are available for new organizations or organizations with fewer than six members. Contact (609) 751-0706 for more information.

Following are the membership levels available to organizations. Download the 2019 Membership Brochure and Insurance Coverage catalog for additional information on Organizational Membership benefits, insurance coverage, and more!

Tier Level 1 – 7

Join or renew your 2019 Tier 1 – 7 Organizational Membership online through the USRowing Membership portal at

Tier 1 $1,425 6 – 20 active members
Tier 2 $1,750 21 – 75 active members
Tier 3 $2,125 76 – 150 active members
Tier 4 $2,500 151 – 300 active members
Tier 5 $2,875 300+ active members
Tier 6 $675 Basic + Regatta or Coaches Package or Champ required
Tier 7* $375 Organization has liability policy (insurance not included)

With the exception of Tier 7, Organizational Members can request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) at any time – click here.

*Tier 7 organizations must submit a valid certificate of insurance listing USRowing as an “Additional Insured”. If a certificate is not received within 14 days of the organization’s renewal, membership is not considered active. Please email insurance certificates to Jennifer Scorzetti at or mail to Assured Partners, c/o Jennifer Scorzetti, P.O. Box 100, Exton PA 19341.

Special Tiers

The tiers below are not available online. Please call (609) 751-0706 to renew.

Regatta Pass $175 Provides organizational membership and insurance during a specific regatta for up to 18 athletes. Coverage is limited to activities on race days only. Organizations are limited to 2 Regatta Passes per year.
Umbrella $400 Parent organization pays tier-level price that covers parent organization and all of its sub-orgs. Each sub-org pays $400 to receive full liability coverage, to have its own roster, and to race under its chosen name.
Zero Members $625 Organization has zero members rowing under the registered name. Typically created for the purpose of fundraising, or hosting a registered regatta.

USRowing continues to partner with the United States Olympic Committee in the SafeSport campaign. All Organizational Members must have athlete SafeSport policies. For information on SafeSport, please click here.

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