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Organizational Membership FAQs

Do you have questions about USRowing organizational membership? Check out the answers below to the most common Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find the answer? Contact USRowing Member Services at (609) 751-0700 or

Where do I go to renew my organizational membership?

Renewing your membership can be done online through the USRowing Membership Portal at If you do not want to pay with credit card, select the “Mail Check” option and an invoice will be sent to the Primary Contact. Contact (609) 751-0706 or for assistance.

What is my RegattaCentral username and password?

Club Administrators and Coaches will need a RegattaCentral username and password to log in to their organization’s profile through the USRowing Membership portal. If you have forgotten the username or password for your RC account, visit and use the ‘Forgot Username or Password’ links to retrieve or reset them. Contact RC directly at (614) 360-2922 or for assistance.

What are my Admin Code and Token?

The Admin Code and Token are used initially to assign the role of Administrator to a RegattaCentral account. While logged in to the USRowing Membership portal, click Add Organization and enter the admin code and token. Once the admin code and token have been used, you can use the Edit Roles tool to add a role to or remove a role from another RC account holder. If you do not know the admin code and token for your organization, please contact USRowing at or (609) 751-0706.

Can I update my profile on the Web site or do I need to call/e-mail USRowing?

You have the ability to access and update your organizations information through the Membership Portal. You will need the RegattaCentral username and password associated with your organization (it may be a general account or associated with a specific person, depending on who connected the account)

What are the different prices for being an organizational member?

Organizational membership pricing is based on the number of current or active rowing members in the club. Click HERE for a description of membership tiers and their respective pricing.

What is Tier 7 membership?

This tier is for organizations that have outside insurance comparable to what USRowing offers. An itemized list can be found in the Membership Brochure. Click HERE to download the latest version of the brochure.

When do I have to renew my organizational membership?

Organizational membership runs the calendar year. It is strongly recommended that you renew your membership in December of the current year or by the first week of January. Unlike individual membership, your organizational membership expires December 31st of the current year. If you purchased a membership in September of 2019, it will expire December 31, 2019.

Do I have to be an individual member of USRowing as well as an organizational member?

Organizations must be members of USRowing in order to participate in any registered or USRowing hosted regatta.

Individuals representing a member organization at a registered regatta must hold at least a Basic membership to participate in a registered regatta. Individuals racing as ‘Unaffiliated’ must be Championship Members of USRowing. 

Individuals must hold a Basic + Add on Package (Regatta, Coach or Referee) or Championship membership to participate in a USRowing hosted regatta (i.e. Youth National Championships). A list of those events can be found here.

Individuals must also be at least a Basic Member if their home club is an Organizational Member that participates in the USRowing Insurance Program.

All individual members must accept the online Release of Liability to be covered by the insurance provided by Organizational and Individual membership.

What events do I have to be an organizational member of USRowing?

In order to race at any registered regatta in the United States, you must be a current organizational member. Not all regattas register with USRowing. An easy way to tell if an event is a registered regatta is to note the “USRowing” symbol next to the regatta name on RegattaCentral.

Can I cancel my organizational membership if my club is no longer racing?

While your Organizational membership can be canceled at any time, we will only issue a refund within the first 30 days of purchase, provided that you have not raced at any regattas under that member number.

I want to compete in a USRowing-hosted or -registered regatta just once this season, but don’t want to pay $1,425.  What should I do?

Contact us directly at (609) 751-0706 or e-mail

USRowing requires individual membership, but I have an organizational membership.  Does that count as the same thing?

No. If you are competing as an individual at an USRowing-hosted event, you are required to have a Basic + Add on Package (Regatta, Coach or Referee) or Championship Membership with a waiver on file. A list of those events can be found here. If you are racing as an individual at a registered regatta, you must have at least a Basic membership with a waiver on file.

My club only races in the fall. Can I pay only half dues?

Contact us directly at (609) 751-0706 or e-mail

How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?

If you are a Tier 1 – Tier 6 Organizational Member participating in the USRowing Insurance Program, contact Jennifer McDade with Assured Partners at or (484) 713-4160. Or visit

Where do I submit my roster?

USRowing no longer requires Organizational Members to submit their roster. Rosters can be managed online through the USRowing Membership Portal. Please note that it is not safe to share files containing the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) or your athletes through email. If you do need to send that type of data, we recommend using a file sharing service or text.

My team/organization is holding a fundraiser that will include individuals who are not part of our club (such as National Learn to Row Day or a Learn to Row event). Are we still covered?

Yes. Miscellaneous special events and activities that involve groups other than your members (or USRowing members) are included automatically with your membership subject to underwriting review. Please alert USRowing to any events you intend to host that require specific insurance coverage such as liquor, camps, etc.

Why would my organization need to purchase a $375 membership with USRowing if our organization already has insurance elsewhere?

The benefit of this Organizational membership level is to provide the opportunity to attend USRowing registered regattas. Many regattas are choosing to become registered events with USRowing for the specific event insurance coverage they receive, as well as the commitment of holding a fair and safe regatta. There are many benefits your organization is eligible for as a USRowing organization. Please visit our member benefit section to learn more.

Our member organization also operates a canoe facility. Would its operations be covered under USRowing’s insurance policy?

More communities are expecting boathouses to be multi-purpose waterfront venues that serve a larger base. USRowing now offers multi-watersport coverage options for organizational members. Coverage includes canoes, kayaks, and standup boards for an additional fee. We are still unable to cover exposure for dragon boats. Contact USRowing at (609) 751-0706 for more information on this coverage.

What about other coverage that is not provided for my organization through USRowing?

Information for Directors and Officers, Automobile, Property and Rowing Equipment insurance is included in the latest Membership Brochure and through the Assured Partners’ website. If your club is responsible for the coverage on the boathouse structure or for a vehicle, you should contact Jennifer McDade with Assured Partners at (484) 713-4160 for a competitive quote.

Is the sale of alcohol by our organization covered?

The SALE of alcohol is not covered, but host liquor liability is included in the coverage and that covers you for fundraisers, banquets, etc., where you may SERVE alcohol as part of the function. If your organization is in the business of selling alcohol, you need to purchase coverage for this risk. Please visit the Assured Partners’ website for a Liquor Liability application.

Will my member organization be covered if I race in an international event?

Your USRowing coverage is valid only in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If you are attending an event outside these territories, you will need to contact Jennifer McDade with Assured Partners at (484) 713-4160 to inquire about purchasing foreign liability coverage.

Do all my members need to sign an electronic waiver?

Yes. All members need to accept the online USRowing waiver to be covered by the organization’s insurance if the organization is participating in the USRowing Insurance Program. Contact USRowing Member Services at (609) 751-0700 or if you need assistance.

What is SafeSport and what does it mean for our organization?

We ask that all of our member organizations join us in the SafeSport campaign to protect athletes across the country. All USRowing member organizations must adopt an athlete safety program. While the primary focus is to safeguard children, policies should extend to all age groups including masters and college level. If your organization already has a policy in place, great! As long as it meets the minimum components, your current policy may be used. Click HERE for more information on SafeSport.

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