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U.S. Olympians & Paralympians Association

Once an Olympian & Paralympian, Always an Olympian & Paralympian: Never Former; Never Past.

The mission of the United States Olympians & Paralympians Association is to create and implement programs that will integrate Olympians & Paralympians into every facet of the Olympic Movement. In support of the goals of the United States Olympic Committee, U.S. Olympians & Paralympians strive to foster the spirit of Olympism in each community, to motivate and encourage youth and to develop camaraderie among those who have shared the unique experience of representing their nation at the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

United States Olympians & Paralympians Association (USOPA) on

United States Olympians & Paralympians Association (USOPA) Leadership Team

Overall Program Goal: To build a comprehensive, national Olympian & Paralympian Association that provides service, continuity and identity, allows Olympians & Paralympians to come together and continue to support the Olympians & Paralympians of the future; to be a continuing link between other Olympians & Paralympians and the USOC/Olympic/Paralympic Movement: develop ways to involve Olympians & Paralympians in all aspects of the Olympic/Paralympic Movement.

Key Areas:

  • Strengthen the ties of the U.S. Olympians & Paralympians to the Development/Fundraising Arm of the USOC. Olympians & Paralympians can liaison with the donor team.
  • Involve Olympians & Paralympians in all areas of the Marketing Division as requested. Olympians/Paralympians bring prestige and excellence which distinguish the Olympic Games sponsors. These sponsors continue to be the backbone of support for America’s new generation of Olympic/Paralympic athletes Hall of Fame.
  • Help to continue to develop the Athlete Speaker Referral Network which will provide access to the most comprehensive roster of Olympians/Paralympians.
  • Organize and develop regional, state and local Olympian/Paralympian Chapters.
  • Assist the Athlete Career Program with the Career Transition Services program that prepares America’s athletes to represent the United States in the ongoing pursuit and achievement of excellence in the Olympic/Paralympic Games and in life.
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