Meador Wins Single Sculls, Weiss and Carlson Win Pair at 2019 Senior Trials V

PRINCETON, N.J. — Two crews won the right to represent Team USA at the World Rowing Championships on Wednesday at the 2019 Senior National Team Trials V at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J.

In the single sculls, Kevin Meador (Berkeley, Calif.) won the final in 7:09.94, exactly one second ahead of the second-place finisher. 

“I feel excited to go and race in Austria,” said Meador. “I feel really grateful to have a second chance at the single. I’ve been able to prepare a lot more over this last year than the year before.”

Completing four races in three days can be very demanding physically and mentally for rowers like Meador, especially with a national team spot on the line.

“You have to take each race one at a time,” said Meador. “If you start thinking too much about the next race, you’re going to mess up the race that you’re in.”

Meador, who represented the U.S. in the event in 2018, was a part of trials for the single sculls last year but felt this year was tighter competition.

“I think this was a faster year than last year,” said Meador. “I’ve been able to gain a lot of speed, but I think a lot of the other guys have gained a lot of speed too. I’ve raced and trained with and against a lot of those guys over the years, so there was no guarantee that I would be able to stay ahead. It was very tight all the way down.”

Anders Weiss (Barrington, R.I.) and Ezra Carlson (Eureka, Calif.) won the finals for the men’s pair, giving them the chance to represent the U.S. as well. They crossed the finish line in 6:37.15, over three seconds ahead of the next crew. 

“I’ve (qualified for the senior national team) three times now, and every time it’s special and there’s something unique to it,” said Weiss. “It’s always a thrill, and it never gets old.”

It’s the first time Carlson has qualified for a senior national team, and he’s excited to get going.

“I’ve been on the U23 team and the junior national team before, but this is definitely something special,” said Carlson. “I’m just looking forward to trying out racing at the next level—the senior international level.”

Meador, Weiss, and Carlson will compete at the 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz, Austria from August 25 through September 1 as members of Team USA.

For more information on the 2019 Senior National Team Trials V, click here. A full list of results from today’s racing and the remaining schedule can be found here. Photos of the day’s racing can be found at

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