An Update on the Status of Junior Lightweight Rowing

USRowing CEO Patrick McNerney met with coaches, administrators and athletes during the USRowing Youth National Championships to address the topic of the future of junior lightweight rowing in the United States.  The objective of the meeting was to brief the coaches on the current status and on options that are under consideration for future USRowing Youth National Championships and USRowing Youth Regional Championships.

Updates as follows:

  1. USRowing’s primary concern is to ensure that the health and safety of athletes is the top priority for all programs. Weight loss to participate in junior lightweight rowing, with no instruction or guidelines, can have serious health implications for teenagers.
  2. A decision regarding the future of lightweight rowing at the USRowing Youth National Championships and USRowing Youth Regional Championships is not concluded and will be finalized by July 31, 2019.
  3. USRowing is actively exploring multiple options, which will be published in early July for comments. This includes implementing a program modeled on the protocols adopted by the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association, as well as a potential realignment of events at the national championships (details are not finalized).
  4. In order to complete the process, USRowing will distribute a survey to all USRowing Members the week of June 17 requesting additional feedback regarding the proposed options. Please note that this will supplement the information gathered by the task force in 2018.

Additional updates will be published on If you have any questions or comments, please send them to

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