Upcoming U.S. Para-Rowing Classification Dates

As announced earlier this month, more inclusion and adaptive racing opportunities are being offered throughout 2019. In order to race in many of these events, athletes will need to complete their U.S. Athlete Classification and receive their U.S. Para-Rowing Classification for a Physical Impairment.

Athletes who would like to complete their U.S. Classification may do so at the following events on the given dates. To follow the registration procedure, all paperwork must be submitted 30 days prior to the classification date. The required paperwork can be found at the bottom of this page. (See below for all documents.)

6/5/2019 USRowing Youth National Championships Sarasota, Fla. U.S. Athlete Classification
7/8/2019 USRowing National Championships Cincinnati, Ohio U.S. Athlete Classification
8/14/2019 USRowing Masters National Championships Grand Rapids, Mich. U.S. Athlete Classification
8/17/2019 Bayada Regatta Philadelphia, Penn. U.S. Athlete Classification
10/19/2019 The Head of the Charles Regatta CRI, Boston, Mass. U.S. Athlete Classification

Athletes must submit their “FISA Medical Diagnostics Form” to Wendy.Wilbur@USRowing.org, completed and signed by a medical physician. Required medical documents verifying the impairment must be sent with the FISA form.

For information on eligible impairments and minimum impairment criteria for para-rowing, please view the FISA Para-Rowing Information Sheet. For information on FISA eligible impairments, please refer to the FISA Eligible Impairment Information.

Once the FISA form and required medical test results are reviewed and approved as an eligible physical impairment, the athlete’s classification session will be scheduled by appointment. Appointments may be scheduled by contacting Deb.Arenberg@USRowing.org. The athlete classification process takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Additionally, the “Athlete Evaluation Consent Form” will accompany an athlete’s classification process. They are to be reviewed, signed and brought to the classification session.

Athletes with a visual impairment should submit the “Medical Diagnosis Form for Athletes with a VI” directly to Wendy.Wilbur@USRowing.org and are not required to attend an athlete classification session.

Have any questions? Contact Deb.Arenberg@USRowing.org.

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