Inclusion and Adaptive Racing Coming to All Championships

PRINCETON, N.J. – USRowing is pleased to announce the organization will be further expanding adaptive and inclusion racing opportunities offered at the 2019 USRowing Youth Regional and National Championships, the 2019 USRowing National Championships and the 2019 USRowing Masters Regional and National Championship events.

“Offering events for athletes with disabilities is a key component in identifying our next Paralympic champion(s),” said Ellen Minzner, who has coached the U.S. PR3 mixed four with coxswain to five consecutive world/Paralympic silver medals. “Inclusion events mean increased competition across all levels and a way for athletes with disabilities to be part of a traditional rowing team.”

With the increase in racing opportunities at the regional and national level for rowers of all ages, USRowing hopes to encourage and incentivize clubs to further welcome athletes to their teams and provide them with racing opportunities that will equally contribute to team and overall points trophies.

“Rowing is such a highly adaptable sport in this way,” Minzner said. “As long as the members of the crew are rowing similar stroke lengths, rowers with and without disabilities can row successfully together in the same boat. It is the definition of inclusion, and it is great to see so many clubs getting creative with how they can safely involve athletes with disabilities into their programs and teams.”

Please note, athletes looking to be classified to race in these events should contact Deb Arenberg, USRowing Manager of Adaptive Development, at Appointments for classification will be offered the day before competitions. These appointments should be made at least 30 days prior to the classifications to allow enough time for all paperwork to be filed.

Below is the list of all adaptive and inclusion events being offered at USRowing’s 2019 regional and national championships:

Date Regatta Events Offered
May USRowing Youth Regional Championships – All Regions Men’s Youth Inclusion 2x
Women’s Youth Inclusion 2x
Mixed Youth Inclusion 2x
Men’s Youth PR1 1x
Women’s Youth PR1 1x
Women’s Youth PR2 1x
Men’s Youth PR2 1x
5/31 Camden, N.J. U.S. Athlete Classification
6/1-6/2 USRowing U17/U15 National Championships – Camden N.J. Men’s U17 Inclusion 2x
Women’s U17 Inclusion 2x
Mixed U17 Inclusion 2x
Women’s U17 PR1 1x
Women’s U17  PR2 1x
Men’s U17 PR1 1x
Men’s U17 PR2 1x
6/5 Sarasota, Fla. U.S. Athlete Classification
6/6-6/9 USRowing Youth National Championships – Sarasota, Fla. Men’s Youth Inclusion 2x
Women’s Youth Inclusion 2x
Mixed Youth Inclusion 2x
Men’s Youth PR1 1x
Women’s Youth PR1 1x
Women’s Youth PR2 1x
Men’s Youth PR2 1x
7/8 Bethel, Ohio U.S. Athlete Classification
7/9-7/14 USRowing National Championships – Bethel, Ohio Men’s U19 Inclusion 2x
Women’s U19 Inclusion 2x
Mixed U19 Inclusion 2x
Men’s U19 PR1 1x
Women’s U19 PR1 1x
Women’s PR1 1x
Men’s PR1 1x
Women’s PR2 1x
Men’s PR2 1x
Mixed PR3 2x
Mixed PR3 4+
Women’s PR3 2-
Men’s PR3 2-
8/14 Grand Rapids, Mich. U.S. Athlete Classification
8/15-8/19 USRowing Masters National Championships- Grand Rapids, Mich. Event List – TBA

For more information about adaptive rowing, click here.

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