Korzeniowski’s April 2019 Training Suggestions

The month of April is a month of intensive racing season for high school and college programs. With racing every Saturday of the month, at least on the East Coast, it is very hard to prepare any logical periodization. As many training programs are based on the coach’s experience, what worked and what did not work in the past, the two major goals for every week of this month should be:

  • Get ready for the next race on Saturday
  • Maintain aerobic base needed for every race and for the championship racing later in May or June.

We have only four days left to accomplish these goals if we eliminate Friday as a day of travel, rigging, paddle and some race rehearsal.

It seems that in this situation only one day should be used for high intensity, let’s say Wednesday, (TR) transportation workouts of 4×5 min (2,2,1) at 30,32,34 which will prepare them to race comfortable at 34 or even 36 spm.

The rest of the high intensity theme (speed in form of the builders, starts or 30 sec accelerations) should be done during the warm-ups.

That leaves us three days for the solid aerobic base workouts:

Monday can be an AT workout or combination U1/AT.

  • Racing in the form of the steps. Example: 2 x 4k (2k,1k, 500,250,250m) at (23,27,29,32,34)
  • Racing at a lower cadence, (U1/AT) workout. Example: (3-4) x (3-4k) at 22,24,26
  • Another AT workout 3x4k, 1st and  2nd  at 24-26, 3rd in form of (17 strokes on/5 strokes off) at 32- 34. This allows the rowers to take many strokes at high cadence  without too much lactate, without “killing” the rowers.

Tuesday, should be easier than Monday, pure aerobic workout, combination of U2/U1.

  • (6-8) x 10’ at 18,20,22,22,20,18, can be side by side (no racing), short 3’ rest only
  • Racing, 5x 2000 at (18,22,22,18), short 3’ rest only

Thursday, should be an easier day of recovery after Wednesday’s workout. Pure low intensity steady state (U2), good quality, but make sure it’s not a paddle:

  • 3 x (15’-20’) at 16-18,  after this steady state  you can add 6x 20/10 at 26,28,30,2,34,36

With starts, try to use the Italian approach. Start every TR and AT piece with a start at full speed (5+ 15) and then settle down to whatever is required for this piece.

Suggested weekly schedule for the month of April could be as below:

Type of Workouts: TR1- Transportation, long interval; TR2-Transportation, short interval; AT-Anaerobic Threshold; U1-Utilization, medium intensity; U2-Utilization, low intensity.

If you have any questions related to the program, feel free to contact me via email at Kris.Korzeniowski@usrowing.org

– Kris Korzeniowski

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