USRowing Announces Juries for 2019 National Team Selection Events

USRowing is pleased to announce the juries for the 2019 National Team selection events. These juries will serve as the referees for the various national selection regattas and national team trials, ensuring safe and fair competition.

“These trials events are pivotal moments in an athlete’s journey to making our national teams, and we are grateful for the referees who work these unique events every year,” said USRowing Manager of Referee Programs Jules Zane. “Referees will often tell you they’ve done their job well when they aren’t noticed and that is especially the case for these high-stakes races. Referees, while on the docks and on the water, are a key piece in safely and fairly selecting our national teams each year.”

The juries for 2019 selection events and trials are as follows:

National Selection Regatta 1

March 26-29 – Chula Vista, Calif.

Jury: Kathleen Crowe (Chief Referee), Andrew Blackwood, Mary Bush, Melissa Chun, Trinath Goteti, Alice Henderson, Ruth Macnamara, Linda Muri, Robert Willenbring, and Lyn Wylder. Alternates: Rachel Le Mieux, Jessica McAlear, and Cindy Whitehead.

Trials 1

April 18-21 – Sarasota, Fla.

Jury: Doug Jones (Chief Referee), Kathleen Dameo, Jim Dwyer, Mariah Foster, Eric Girard, John Kowal, John McKenna, Elaine Roden, Jorge Salas, and Kristin San Bento. Alternates: Duncan Hudson, Lyn Wylder, and Letcher Ross.

Trials 2

May 16-19 – West Windsor, N.J.

Jury: Ruth Macnmara (Chief Referee), Victor Gallik, Alistair Gellatly, Kate Godwin, Doug Jones, Kenneth Kelleher, Jr., Jessica McAlear, Letcher Ross, Leah White, and Robert Willenbring. Alternates: Duncan Hudson, John Kowal, and Kathleen Crowe.

Under 19, Under 23, Para, & Senior Trials 3

July 7-10 – West Windsor, N.J.

Jury: John Musial (Chief Referee), Vanessa Flory, Kristopher Grudt, Rachel Le Mieux, Michael Murphy, Michael Rosenbaum, Scott Woodworth, Kathleen Crowe, Lloyd Paradiso, and Paul Phillips. Alternates: Annette Forster, Mike Forster, and Kirsten Meisner.

Trials 5

August 5-7 – West Windsor, N.J.

Jury: Doug Jones (Chief Referee), Paul Phillips, Terese Friel Portell, Ardath Grills, Laura Kunkemueller, Leah White, Alistair Gellatly, Michael Murphy, Kathleen Dameo, and Cindy Whitehead. Alternates: Linda Muri, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristopher Grudt.

More information on the 2019 National Team selection events can be found here.

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