USRowing Announces 2019 National Championship Juries

USRowing referees work tirelessly every year to ensure that regattas are safe environments where rowers of every level and age group can be assured of having a fair and fun competitive experience.

After careful consideration, USRowing is excited to announce the juries selected for the four national championship regattas held this summer.

“First and foremost, I want to thank every referee who indicated their interest in working one of these events, and I want to congratulate those referees named to 2019 juries on their selection,” USRowing CEO Patrick McNerney said. “For thousands of rowers across the country, these regattas are the jewel in the crown of their summer rowing experience. These juries make the championships happen, and we look forward to welcoming everyone over the course of this summer.”

The following referees have been selected for the 2019 national championship regattas.


2019 USRowing Under 17/Under 15 National Championships

Cooper River – Camden, N.J.

June 1-2, 2019

Chief Referee: Tom Mannle

Deputy Chief: Trinath Goteti

Members of the jury for this event, including their home regions; from the Mid-Atlantic: Dan Eck, Ken Kelleher, Jessica McAlear, Joe Laskowski (a) and Jay O’Brien (a); from the Midwest: Lynne Olson, Mac McLaughlin, Kevin Kiser, and Rebecca Thompson (a); from the Northeast: Sandy Killen, Jim Dwyer, Janet Taylor, Howard Wolf-Rodda, and Dennis Streebel (a); from the Northwest: Mariah Foster; from the Southeast: Jorge Salas, Jay Paul Newton, Colleen Laymon, and Lisa Wilker (a); from the Southwest: Eric Weir, Alice Henderson, Bill Eldon, and Seth Ahlborn (a); and selected by the Chief Referee: Kathleen Dameo, Hal Johnson, and Tim Letson.

NOTE: (a) indicates alternate referee


2019 USRowing Youth National Championships

Nathan Benderson Park – Sarasota, Fla.

June 6-9, 2019

Chief Referee: Ruth Macnamara

Deputy Chief: Derek Blazo

Members of the jury for this event, including their home regions; from the Mid-Atlantic: Paul Caputo, Larry Edwards, Kate Godwin, Sharon Collins, Mike Murphy (a) and JC Martin (a); from the Midwest: Andrew Cooke, Rebecca Thompson, Andrew Hauser, Katherine Hauser, and Terry Donohue (a); from the Northeast: Rachael Sundborg, Michaela Campbell, Albin Moser, Dennis Fronheiser, Cindy Eichner (a) and George Eichner (a); from the Northwest: Kathleen Crowe, Letcher Ross; from the Southeast: Augie Merolle, Morris Elsen, Brice Crossley, Zory Salas, Jon Gibbs, Elaine Roden, Norm Thetford (a) and Jon Lyons (a); from the Southwest: Trinath Goteti, Barbara Jones, Roberta Gross; and selected by the Chief Referee: Rachel Le Mieux, Lloyd McDonald, Doug Jones, John Musial, Kris Grudt, and Lloyd Paradiso.

NOTE: (a) designates alternate referee


2019 USRowing National Championships

Lake Harsha – Bethel, Ohio

July 9-14, 2019

Chief Referee: Nikola Vajda

Deputy Chief: Mariah Foster

Members of the jury for this event, including their home regions; from the Mid-Atlantic: Daniel Swartley-McArdle, John Kowal, Mike Hryshchyshyn, Rich Dougert, and Kathleen Dameo (a); from the Midwest: Kim Shilling, Tad Shilling, Dennis Kaderabek, Webb Stevens, Amanda Adams (s2), and Nik Kip (a, s2); from the Northeast: Leah White, Peter Hanlon, Kal Padhi, and Kim Degutis; from the Northwest: Marc Angelillo, Stephanie Fuller, Patty Hyatt, and Matt Brady; from the Southeast: Tim Edsell, Teresa Wright, Peter San Juan, Samuel Chang, and Alex Binkowski (a); from the Southeast: Sue Farabaugh, Joan Sholl, and Sara Moore; and selected by the Chief Referee: Kristen San Bento, Victor Gallik, Paul Phillips, Gregg Harris, Joe Manion (s2), Al Flanders (s1), and Mike Miller (s1).

NOTE: (a) designates alternate referee, (s1) and (s2) designate regatta segments (s1: July 9-11, s2: July 12-14)


2019 USRowing Masters National Championships

Riverside Park – Grand Rapids, Mich.

August 15-18, 2019

Chief Referee: Dee McComb

Deputy Chief: Gregg Harris

Members of the jury for this event, including their home regions; from the Mid-Atlantic: Matt Fortino, Duncan Hudson, David Lippold, Will Osborn, John White (a), and Tom DeLutis (a); from the Midwest: Rhaea Miller, Maja Vredevoogd, Blake Ebright, Terry Friel-Portell, Eric Conroy, Susan Urbas, and Kathryn Slezak; and from the Northeast: Kris Thorsness, John Gaskin, John Rhee; and from the Northwest: Andy Everett, Nancy Johnston, Mark Johnston, Scott Woodworth, Randall Wilson (a), and Lyn Wylder (a); from the Southeast: Dee Hotop, Jim Hotop, Sherri Kent, Saralee Lamb, and Betsy Potocik (a); from the Southwest: Erika Mitchell, and John Kaso; and selected by the Chief Referee: Josie Cuevas-McNamara, Bob Willenbring, June Harper, Ron Titterington, Julia Martinusen, and David Miller.

NOTE: (a) designates alternate referee

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