Training Suggestions for February 2019

Depending on what was done in January, the month of February could be the first or the second month of specific rowing preparation. We should continue to develop an aerobic base, but training should be more rowing orientated (water or erg).  Try to keep a solid volume of aerobic workouts (U2, U1, AT) and start touching the higher cadences and intensities as well.

It is suggested to use mix intensity workouts as they are more fun for the athletes and more effective. For example, 19’ pieces (4,3,2,1,2,3,4) at (18,20,22,24,22,20,18) is U2/U1 for most of the piece and some AT in the middle of the piece. The workout could be also at (22, 24, 26, 28, back to 22), which makes it a U1 and mostly AT workout. Don’t be afraid to use cross training (run, bike, skiing) for the longer pieces. Take a note of (17 strokes on/5 strokes off) workout as it allows to practice higher cadence without too much intensity. It is an AT effort.

Start taking some starts (even on the erg) as well, the racing starts already in March.

Here is an example of a basic weekly program for the month of February (4 weeks until March 2). The weeks could be: first week building, second and third weeks basic and fourth week of peaking intensity (if your last week of January was the hardest of the month). For the first building week, take one piece away from the basic week shown below. An example would be, on Monday instead of two sets of 20’+19’, do one set plus an additional 20’. For the peaking week add one piece on Wednesday and one piece on Friday.

If you have Thursday off and you train on Sunday, move this schedule from Thursday on by one day. Use this extra time on Sunday to do the longest workout or add something what you do not have time to do in during the weekly workouts, for instance yoga class.

I would suggest running or biking for any second workout in a day.

If you have any questions related to the program, feel free to contact me via email at

– Kris Korzeniowski

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