Envisioning the Future: Creating A Plan for the Rowing Community

With the unprecedented growth in rowing during the last 20 years and the return of the Olympics to Los Angeles in 2028, the rowing community has a unique opportunity to reshape rowing and ensure its future relevance in the United States. As we move towards the Olympics, we have a chance to renew our mission, as well as energize and engage our many stakeholders, creating a way forward that is transparent and fully serves the long-term interests of the sport.

In order to maximize this window of opportunity, the Board of Directors established a Strategic Planning Initiative in May of this year and appointed a Strategic Planning Committee to address the following objectives:

  • Create a shared (membership, board, and staff) understanding of clearly defined strategic priorities.
  • Foster collaboration and commitment to a mission and vision for rowing in the United States.

The committee has engaged multiple constituencies throughout the process, which began by distributing a survey directly to all members to obtain input. The results of this survey are available on the website.

The next stage of this exercise is to release the initial draft of the plan for review and comment by the membership. The preliminary draft prepared by the committee is endorsed by the Board of Directors. The feedback obtained during the comment period will inform the creation of the final plan, which we intend to release during the summer of 2019. Please note that the draft is a work in progress and that the respective working groups are either fully engaged or will be formed in early 2019 (details are included within the draft).

During the annual meeting, we presented the following areas of focus (in alphabetical order) identified by the committee and invited members to submit their comments and opinions. The specific details of each are included within the draft. 

Areas of Focus

  1. Achieve financial sustainability and growth
  2. Athlete safety and well-being
  3. Coaching development
  4. Development and retention of USRowing members
  5. Diversity and inclusion
  6. Events
  7. Growth of our sport’s visibility and brand
  8. Facilities for the future
  9. High performance: Cultivating and retaining elite athletes of the future

During this phase, we are seeking continued feedback, input and reactions from each of you by email and/or completing the following survey.

Click here to complete the survey.

The feedback will be compiled and distributed to the committee, and a summary will be published on the website in February.

In closing, we welcome your comments and your continued participation in this process.

Thank you.


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