Host Applications Now Open for 2019 U23 Lightweight Selection Camp

USRowing is now accepting host applications for the 2019 Under 23 Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Sculling Selection Camps. The goal of these camps will be to select boats to represent the U.S. at the 2019 Under 23 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, FL.

Each respective camp will be responsible for selecting a U23 lightweight quad while also selecting boats to compete at the Under 23 trials in early July (1X, 2X, 2-). It will be the responsibility of each program’s head coach to determine the priority of trials boat selection based on the crew’s ability to compete for medals at the U23 world championships. USRowing staff, in conjunction with the designated camp, will finalize the list of athletes to be invited to each of the camps.

The Under 23 Lightweight Sculling Selection Camp Hosts will be selected by a committee comprised of the High Performance Director, Director of Athlete Development and Performance, an athlete rep on the High Performance Committee. Applications to host either the men’s or the women’s selection camp must be submitted by January 20th, 2019.

It is expected that the invited athletes will be charged a fee to cover most or all of the expenses associated with running the camp. These costs may include coaching staff expenses for the camp and U23 worlds. The Under 23 Lightweight Quad Selection Camp hosts will not receive funding from USRowing and will be responsible for any and all costs associated with hosting the camp and attending the U23 trials and world championships.

Athletes will be selected at the camp through the process set forth in the Under 23 Selection Procedures. By applying to host a selection camp you are agreeing to adhere to these procedures and any requirements therein.

As a reminder, all athletes must meet the USRowing ECG & Health Screening requirements before practicing in any selection camp or competing in trials. For more information click here: ECG & Health Screening requirements. The deadline to submit the health screening requirements for athletes to participate in a selection camp is April 30th. An athlete cannot participate in selection camp until they have submitted the screening.

Please be aware, your application will not be valid unless all coaches associated with the camp are SafeSport certified by the time by the camps are nominated. Instructions to complete SafeSport are at the bottom of Appendix D – Coaches.

The measures that will be used to award the selection camp are in no particular order. Some of these topics are covered in the application, while others will be covered in the interview:

  • Coach
    • Experience of the Head Coach
    • Assisting/support staff
    • Division of responsibilities
    • Outline of camp structure
  • Financial
    • Are there any fundraising plans to offset the athlete costs?
    • Projected athlete fee and what it will include
  • Facilities and Equipment
    • Boathouse space and use
    • Availability of ergs or the equivalent
    • Equipment quality and availability for use during the camp
      • Number of hulls and blades available for the camp
    • Non-financial support for the camp
      • Lodging and food
      • Are there plans for the athletes who are not selected?
        • For example: Club Nationals, Canadian Henley, other

If you have any questions concerning the hosting of the camp or the application process please contact Brett Gorman at Please apply to host an Under 23 Lightweight Quad Selection Camp through the link below. We understand that all of the details the application covers may not be known at this point in the process. We will conduct subsequent phone interviews with applicants that will allow for more time in the planning process. Please fill out the below application to the best of your ability at this time. Thank you.

Click Here to Apply

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