USRowing Revamping Coaching Development Program

In an effort to address the changing times in our sport, USRowing is in the process of revamping our coaching development program. This begins by answering the question, “What is coaching development?”

At its core, coaching development is about better coaching. It also includes coaching education, coaching certification and the hosting of coaching courses across the country.

“USRowing’s goal is to be a go-to resource to the rowing community and provide comprehensive benefits to our members,” said USRowing Chief Domestic Officer Susan Smith. “Providing our athletes with the best possible experience is crucial to our mission and that starts with providing quality, professional coaching. We’re excited to be revamping our coaching development program and look forward to introducing a more comprehensive program later this year.”

USRowing’s overarching goal is to establish a comprehensive coaching development program that:

  1. Improves the quality of coaching throughout the United States,
  2. Enhances the professionalism of coaches both on and off the water
  3. Establishes a framework to manage certifications (and de-certifications, if needed)
  4. Meets national accreditation standards as defined by the National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), and
  5. Provides ongoing resources to coaches to improve coaching skills.

What do each of these goals look like in action?

Improving quality coaching: The future of rowing is about providing better coaching to our athletes through professionalizing the field. There are more programs and more paid coaching positions today because there are more athletes involved with our sport than ever before, and USRowing is focusing on long-term planning within our sport with the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles serving as the backdrop.

Professionalization of coaching: Coaching development is about specifically helping coaches become better both on and off the water. Coaching education is our formal structure to help coaches get more information. Coaching clinics are one-off events that bring coaches together to learn more. Coaching courses are our structured programs that lead into certification.

Frameworks: Coaching certification is about providing more resources for better coaching, not just compliance. Moving forward, the certification program will incorporate our face-to-face programs with online resources in a blended learning environment, giving coaches more opportunities to improve their craft of coaching in more locations.

Accreditation: This begins with adhering to the standards that are set out by the NCACE but is more than just meeting these requirements.

Resources to improve coaching: We are striving to create an environment in the sport of rowing that prioritizes a respectful sport environment and safety through our SafeSport program and with the backdrop of the development of the Center for SafeSport.

More information on the revamped coaching development program will be available on the USRowing website this fall. “Early Bird” registration for the 2018 USRowing Annual Convention, which includes the Advanced Coaches Conference, is now open. Click here for more information and to register. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego this December.

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