Sixteen Crews Victorious at USRowing Junior B/C Challenge

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.– On Sunday, a band of 77 youth crews raced down the Schuylkill River’s 1,500-meter course at the 2018 USRowing Junior B/C Challenge. Of the 19 clubs represented, Maritime Rowing Club earned eight medals, the most of the day, while Saratoga Rowing Association earned seven.

The regatta featured 16 events in the under 15 and under 17 age categories and was held in collaboration with the National Scholastic Rowing Association’s National Schools Championship. The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association served as the local organizers.

The girls under 17 single sculls kicked off the finals with less than a second between the top two finishers. Bromfield Acton Boxborough Rowing’s Katherine Fay earned her first-place finish with a time of 6:27.20, while Saratoga Rowing Association’s Angelina DePaulo crossed in a 6:27.51. Saratoga’s Emma Ellwanger finished third in 6:41.71.

In the two boat final of the girls under 15 single sculls, Bergen County Rowing Academy’s Caroline High won the gold medal, crossing the finish line in 6:49.51. Maritime Rowing Club’s Denise Stretinska finished second.

Bromfield Acton Boxborough earned a first-place finish in the girls under 17 four with coxswain with a time of 5:30.31. The second- and third-place finishers came from East Tennessee Rowing Organization in 5:53.00 and 6:09.01, respectively.

In the boys under 15 double sculls, Bergen County Rowing Academy raced to a first-place finish of 5:51.89. Shaker Rowing Association took second in 6:08.17, followed by Saratoga in 6:19.99.

Saratoga took first place yet again in the girls under 15 double sculls, clocking a 6:40.38. Shaker crossed the finish in second at 6:46.62. The fight for third place was tight, but Academy of Notre Dame finished about a second ahead of Saratoga’s B crew in a 7:07.25.

In the boys under 15 quadruple sculls, Maritime earned both first and third place, with its crews finishing in 5:26.61 and 5:58.36, respectively. Saratoga took second with a 5:49.78.

Mountain Lakes Rowing Club won the boys under 17 four with coxswain race with a 5:02.69. The race for second was an exciting one, as less than a second separated second and third places. Montgomery Boat Club crossed the line in 5:19.54 and East Tennessee in 5:20.36.

In the girls under 15 quadruple sculls, Saratoga’s crews took first and third at 5:34:48 and 6:15.32, respectively. Maritime took second with a 5:44.37.

In the boys under 15 single sculls, GMS Rowing Center’s Paris Liston had the best showing and crossed the finish line first in 5:46.20. He was followed by Maritime Rowing Club teammates Quinlan Daly at 5:58.15 and Lachlan McLaren at 6:02.01.

Oak Neck Rowing Academy’s William Durban came out on top in the final of the boys under 17 single sculls with a 5:47.10, followed by Alex Walkush at 5:57.22, and Bergen Catholic High School’s Alexander Ferrari at 6:02.51.

Whitemarsh Boat Club pulled away from Academy of Notre Dame in the girls under 17 quadruple sculls final. The crew finished in 5:40.94 with open water on second place’s 6:23.83.

In the boys under 17 double sculls, Bonner Rowing Association separated itself from the other crews, finishing first in 5:47.95. Bergen County earned second in 6:15.41, followed by Montgomery Boat Club in 6:45.25.

There were about 10 seconds between the times of the top three finishers in the girls under 17 double sculls. Bromfield Acton Boxborough took first in a 6:05.46, followed by Shaker in a 6:15.31 and Germantown Friends Academy in a 6:26.59.

The girls under 17 eights started out as a close race before East Tennessee pulled away for a dominant victory in a 5:22.67, despite having several of it rowers also race in the four with coxswain. Mountain Lakes earned second in 5:40.55 and Maritime got third in 5:49.17.

The final event of the day was a successful one for Mountain Lakes, as its crews earned the top two spots in the boys under 17 eights, crossing the finish in 4:55.27 and 5:18.49, respectively. Maritime’s third-place finish was clocked at 5:46.65.

For more information on the USRowing Junior B/C Challenge, visit USRowing and Regatta Central.

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