SafeSport and USRowing

Providing a safe and fun rowing environment is the cornerstone of what we do as an organization and what our clubs and regattas throughout the country strive for on a daily basis.

But, providing a safe rowing experience isn’t just about water safety or staying safe around the boat bay. It’s about protecting our athletes, and all members of our community, from abuse.

USRowing recognizes that all forms of misconduct – sexual, emotional or physical, as well as bullying, harassment, and hazing – are unacceptable and have no place in our sport. The recent examples of sexual misconduct in the Olympic sports world are both painful and disappointing, but USRowing is proud to stand with the impacted athletes to provide support, encouragement and solutions to the problem.

Through education and awareness, we are working hard to create a culture of respect within our sport where all members of the rowing community can participate in a safe environment, free of misconduct. Whether we are an administrator, coach, member of the board, volunteer, referee, or teammate, each of us has a responsibility to help protect our community.

To help foster this environment, USRowing has adopted a series of SafeSport policies and procedures designed to educate and protect our members.

Every USRowing staff member, coach, official, board member and volunteer has received training on USRowing’s SafeSport policies and procedures and has gone through the online training program offered by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Recognizing that education is the best deterrent, USRowing also will have every athlete at a USRowing National Team Training Center, invited to a national team selection camp, or selected to a national team take the online SafeSport training program and become familiar with behaviors that lead to misconduct.

In addition, we strongly encourage all of our member organizations to have their athletes and, in the case of minors, their parents complete the online SafeSport program.

For our SafeSport program to be effective, all members of the rowing community need to understand the reporting process.

Every USRowing member organization must have a SafeSport program in place that includes three basic components:

  1. Background screening of key individuals (coaches, administrators, volunteers);
  2. SafeSport online training for the key individuals; and
  3. A written SafeSport policy that includes procedures for reporting, investigating, and adjudicating complaints.

If a member organization receives a SafeSport complaint that is sexual in nature, it should forward the complaint to USRowing or to the U.S. Center for SafeSport immediately. For SafeSport complaints involving bullying, hazing, harassment, emotional abuse or physical abuse, member organizations should exhaust all remedies spelled out in their own policy before submitting it to USRowing.

In addition, anyone in our community also may report misconduct directly to USRowing by using our SafeSport hotline or SafeSport email.

  • USRowing SafeSport Reporting Phone Line: (609) 751-0710
  • USRowing SafeSport Reporting email:

When reporting by phone or email, please use the USRowing SafeSport Reporting Form and include as much of the requested information as possible. While it is preferable for SafeSport reports to be signed in order to help with the investigation, misconduct may be reported anonymously.

USRowing is committed to ensuring that the athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers and all members of the rowing community can participate in a safe environment free of all forms of misconduct.

For more information about USRowing’s SafeSport policies, click here.

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