Training Center Tuesday: An Update From Chula Vista

This week, we asked the Princeton Training Center women a few questions about their training. Currently based out of Chula Vista, CA, Meghan Wheeler, Lizzy Youngling, Gia Doonan, Vicky Optiz told us about their Winter Olympic Games heroes, ways of fueling, and their favorite parts about training in southern California.

1) What Winter Olympic sport would you love to compete in in if you could?

Lizzy Youngling: Downhill skiing, so I can be Lindsey Vonn, or men’s half-pipe, so I can be Shaun White.

Meghan Wheeler: Cross-country skiing or biathlon — most difficult and grueling.

Gia Doonan: I would love to compete in the snowboarding half-pipe event. It looks really hard to do, but it also looks like a lot of fun!

Vicky Opitz: The winter sport I would love to compete in would be downhill skiing and/or long distance cross-country skiing.

2) What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

LY: Aunt Jemima waffle with two pads of salted butter and syrup

MW: Chocolate milk and a waffle.

GD: My favorite post workout meal would have to be a waffle with chocolate chips and syrup on top. Happy rower = better performance.

VO: My favorite post workout meal is fruit and yogurt smoothies! A quick and delicious way to nutritionally recover by replacing lost carbs and protein to repair muscles.

3) What’s your favorite part about training in Chula Vista?

LY: The unlimited free vanilla lattes and big screens to watch the Olympics on!

MW: Being with all my friends and teammates all the time!

GD: My favorite part about training in Chula is the view. Walking down to practice every morning and looking at the mountains and water is breathtaking.

VO:  My favorite part about training in Chula Vista is how convenient and close everything is on campus. It’s so nice to be able to walk to all of our training locations, meals, and laundry in under 10 minutes.

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