USRowing Partners with American Youth Cup

PRINCETON, N.J. — USRowing is pleased to announce a partnership with the American Youth Cup, a four-regatta series held across the Southeast that culminates at the USRowing Southeast Youth Championships in Sarasota, Fla.

Developed in 2015, the not-for-profit regatta series strives to give back to its participating athletes by providing a safe and competitive racing environment, while helping crews better prepare for championship racing.

While February is known mostly for record-breaking snowfall, accompanied by early morning erg workouts, for many programs around the country, junior athletes in the Southeast are able to maximize racing via the American Youth Cup series, which begins this Saturday in Sarasota.

Monica Whitehouse, regatta director and coach at Sarasota Crew, said the regatta focuses on the benefit that early racing can bring to the athletes.

Through consistent racing opportunities early in the spring season, crews are able to test various combinations of boatings, helping to make more informed decisions on the lineups they will race at the championships,” said Whitehouse. “To continue with our goal of giving back to the athletes, a crew that is declared the series champion in an event and qualifies for the USRowing Youth National Championships (in that event) will earn a travel stipend towards its trip to the national championship.” 

The stipend is calculated by dividing the profits earned by the series over the number of seats that qualify.

“USRowing sees the America’s Youth Cup series as an opportunity to provide developmental structure to the spring youth racing season,” said AJ Dominique, USRowing Senior Events Manager. “By offering a consistent event structure pointing the season towards the Southeast Youth Championships and Youth Nationals, the region stands to benefit from providing championship racing experience throughout the spring.”

Beginning this year, the first three events in the series will be included in the seeding process for the Southeast Youth Championships.

“After this year’s event, the region plans to incorporate the series more and more into the seeding process,” said Dominique. “The concept of developing a regional series that points towards the USRowing Youth Series events, and ultimately the USRowing Youth National Championships, is one that has the potential to be valuable to any part of the country.”

This year’s first regatta will be held February 17 at Nathan Benderson Park. Each year, the opening regatta of the series will be held in Sarasota the second to last weekend of February. AYC II will be held March 31st during the Clemson Sprints. The location for AYC III will be dependent on the location of the Southeast Youth Championships that year, while the final race will be at the USRowing Southeast Youth Championships.

“Teaming up with USRowing this year is an exciting opportunity, as we are able to extend the benefits of the series more readily throughout the Southeast region,” said Whitehouse. “This partnership also is advantageous to teams throughout the region, as there will be more incentive to race each other earlier in the season as opposed to just when they meet at the Southeast Youth Championships.”

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