Add Value To Your Basic Membership

PRINCETON, N.J. – USRowing Member Services shares an important and exciting update regarding Basic membership. Effective November 1, 2017, add-on packages are being introduced for Basic memberships. These Basic add-on packages expand the number of events Basic members can attend and include the personal liability insurance coverage and excess accident medical coverage currently only available to Championship members.

The Basic plus Regatta Package provides Basic members the opportunity to compete in USRowing-owned regattas, additional insurance wherever and whenever an athlete rows, and access to, for those with Basic memberships. Price of the Regatta Package is $35 for 26 and under (2018 Basic Admin Fee of $9.75 + $25.25) and $50 for 27 and over (2018 Basic Admin Fee of $9.75 + $40.25).

The Basic plus Coaches Package provides additional insurance wherever and whenever you are coaching, access to USRowing educational events including the Annual Convention, and a free membership to, for all coaches with Basic memberships. Also, if active in the sport of rowing – for example, an administrator, regatta volunteer, or even a parent who carpools – and you would like the additional insurance, the Coaches Package is also suitable for you. Price of the Coaches Package is $25 (2018 Basic Admin Fee of $9.75 + $15.25).

These packages can be added immediately when joining or renewing as a Basic member, or they can be added a later date. Add-on packages are valid for the duration of the Basic membership to which they are added. Adding on a package at a later date will not change the expiration date of the existing Basic membership.

Bonus: As an introductory deal for all new or expired members or those members eligible to renew (membership expires within the next 90 days), all Basic memberships and add-on packages (Regatta or Coaches) bought in November or December of 2017 will not expire until December 31st of 2018. Buy your membership and sign your waiver today and be a member for all of 2018! (Please note: the updated expiration date of 12/31/2018 will not appear immediately. It may take a few business days to update. Also, when updating early if your membership does not expire until early 2019, your expiration date will not change.)

Please see the FAQs below for more information regarding the two Basic add-on Packages. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to USRowing Member Services at or (609) 751-0700.


Why are you adding the Regatta Package for Basic members?

You talked, we listened. Feedback regarding individual membership structure often included requests for a middle ground between standard Basic and Championship membership. We believe the addition of the Regatta Add-on Package serves athletes who may not be certain they will attend a USRowing-hosted regatta in any given year, or who are new or returning to our sport. By providing the option to opt-in to popular benefits at a later date without having to immediately change or renew the current membership status, it promotes easier renewals and a more versatile membership structure.

Why are you adding the Coaches package for Basic members?

Rowing is growing, but it can’t achieve its growth potential without great coaches. The Coaches Add-on Package provides coaches with personal liability insurance and excess accident medical coverage (up to $25,000) wherever and whenever they coach, and eligibility to attend USRowing educational events including the Annual Convention, in addition to all the other reasons to be a Basic member. At a total cost of just $25 ($9.75 for the Basic administrative fee, $15.25 for the Coaches Package), that’s a sixty percent discount compared to the $65 Championship membership to receive popular individual benefits for coaches.

Does anything change regarding the existing Basic and Championship memberships?

As stated at the time of its introduction, the Basic membership administrative fee had a three step phase-in. Starting at $5.75 in 2016 and $7.75 in 2017, 2018’s member admin fee is $9.75. The existing structure and benefits of the individual Basic and Championship memberships do not change going in to 2018.

My organization has a Tier 6 organizational membership and currently requires Championship membership. Can I use the Basic membership with Regatta Package Add-on instead?

Yes. Tier 6 organizations previously provided feedback regarding individual membership concerns, especially with new members. Because the Regatta Package includes the additional personal insurances, a Basic membership with Regatta Add-on Package and a signed waiver on file is sufficient for individual members of Tier 6 organizations to be compliant. In the first few weeks of membership or while trying out, a Basic membership will suffice.

What will I continue to need Championship membership for?

Athletes who want to row as ‘Unaffiliated’ will be required to remain Championship members. Championship membership will also be a requirement for all Elite regattas, which include, for example, the National Selection Regattas, and World Championship and Olympic Trials. Also, in addition to receiving Rowing Magazine, individual Championship members are eligible to cast their votes for certain board positions in USRowing elections.

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