See You in Sarasota: Meet the Women’s Quad

We are proud to introduce the Women’s Quadruple Sculls crew of Emily Huelskamp, Kara Kohler, Maureen “Mo” McAuliffe, and Elizabeth Sonshine. The quad will race in Sarasota at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in just over a week.

The women’s quad line-up was named through a selection camp process that took place in Princeton, NJ.

Fast Facts:

  • Kara enjoys swimming and cycling as a form of cross-training, she is also a yoga instructor
  • Mo is an avid fan of Twizzlers, she started rowing as a walk-on in college
  • Emily has visited 46 out of the 50 states in the country
  • Elizabeth was competitive fencer in highschool, she also is an amateur bread baker

Follow Emily (@emily.huelskamp), Kara (@kara_merica_bear), Mo (@mvm.arrow), and Elizabeth (@elizabethsonshine) on their journey through the 2017 World Rowing Championships via Instagram.

What does it mean to you to be able to represent the U.S. at Worlds in your home country?

Kara: It means that my mom and dad can attend their first World Rowing Championships.

Mo: It’s special to me because this will be my first time competing on the senior national team.  I feel very fortunate that so many family members and friends will be able to attend and cheer us on.

Emily: This particular World Championships will be special: you always hear the roar of the home crowd when their country’s team comes down the course and to know that ‘cheer’ will be for us this time is exhilarating.

Elizabeth: I’m grateful for the home course advantage and the opportunity to row on a course I’m very familiar with. I’m really excited that my parents will be able to come and watch as well.

What do you wish you would’ve known as a novice?

Kara: It’s ok to ask questions and it’s ok to fail. Just fail better the next time.

Mo: How important sleep is to performance.  Especially those 5:00am practices.  8 hours is different ball game compared to 6-7 and it’s a whole new world with 9.  

Emily: As a novice rower, I wish I would have known what port and starboard actually meant beyond just the green and red tape on the oar.  It took a bit to figure that one out…

Elizabeth: You’re going to flip way more often than you think.

In what ways has rowing helped you in life?

Kara: It has taught me how to be a better team player by encouraging others.

Mo: Rowing has given me a great deal of confidence that was not there before. It constantly pushes the limits that you think are stopping you.

Emily: Sometimes in rowing you have to do scary things (you want me to bow THAT boat?!) and every time you do it because you want to keep rowing. Conquering these small learning experiences has given me more confidence in normal life. I have no fear in work situations, few things stress me out, and asserting myself is pretty easy. Few challenges can come close to maneuvering practices at international races!

Elizabeth: Rowing has been great for time management, discipline and determination. But more importantly, it has given me an entire family that I’m so grateful to have.

What is your favorite dessert?

Kara: Affogato or mud pie

Mo: Key lime pie

Emily: Carrot. Cake.

Elizabeth: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

If you were stranded in the desert, who would you chose in your boat to be stranded with?

Kara: Emily, because she will have likely already planned an escape before we even become stranded

Mo: This would be easier an easier question if we were a 2x.

Emily: I hate making decisions.

Elizabeth: I can’t choose, all of them!

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