See You In Sarasota: Meet the Women’s Four

We are proud to introduce the Women’s Four crew of Kendall Chase, Kristine O’Brien, Molly Bruggeman and Erin Reelick. The four will race in Sarasota at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in just a few weeks.

The women’s four is a boat comprised of athletes participating in USRowing’s Selection Camp process. The camp primarily resides in Princeton, NJ., but also spends time in Chula Vista, Calif..

In 2016 the women’s four earned a silver medal at the 2016 World Rowing Championships.

Fast Facts:

  • Kendall is a district champion in the basketball free-throw competition
  • Kristine was born in Ireland, and is a proud Gryffindor
  • Molly is one of only a few family members living outside of Ohio, and is a Hufflepuff
  • Erin lived in New Zealand for ten years

Follow Kendall (@kennychase25), Kristine (@kristine_obrien), Molly (@mobruggie), and Erin (@elare13) on their journey to Worlds via Instagram.

What does it mean to you to be able to represent the U.S. at Worlds in your home country?

Kendall: I feel incredibly honored that I get to be apart of the national team that is hosting worlds in their country. I am hoping that it will bring more attention to the sport in the US. It will also feel a bit more special putting on the US uni in my own country.

Kristine: I feel so honored to be able to represent the USA at home. When you put things in perspective, very few people get to do what we do and I am so excited to race at home this summer, and for the first time in an olympic boat class event.

Molly: It means more and more people will be exposed to the awesome sport of rowing including a new generation of female rowers! It will also be amazing that such a huge U.S. contingency will be able to attend the first U.S. worlds in 20 years!

Erin: I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the USA on such a scale; and the fact that it is at home in front of a home crowd puts on just a little more pressure to do well.

What do you wish you would’ve known as a novice?

Kendall: It’s ok to fail and make mistakes. No erg test or race will be perfect and everyone has failures or losses at one point or another, but it’s how you internalize and learn from those failures that allow you to grow as an athlete. Be patient with yourself.

Kristine: I wish I knew my blade was actually supposed to be off the water on the recovery and not dragging on the water.

Molly: How to use my legs – still debatable if I figured it out.

Erin: Everything takes time and patience, just put your head down and work harder.

In what ways has rowing helped you in life?

Kendall: Rowing has helped me learn how to handle life’s challenges and be patient with myself. Like focusing on one stroke at a time, sometimes you have to take one day at a time.

Kristine: Rowing has helped me meet my best friends and some of the best people in my life. I am so thankful for all of the incredible people who I have and still row with that inspire and support me everyday.

Molly: I’ve met an amazing group of friends that has turned into family.

Erin: The world of rowing has introduced me to some of the most amazing people. These connections have shaped me into who I am and gotten me to where I am in life.

What are you known for on the team?

Kendall: Being “new” and saying “I’m new” whenever I ask a silly question or do something wrong. I am also known for only listening to #hype music when I workout.

Kristine: “Long Island Tina” – my sassy Long Island alter ego, you do NOT want to mess with Tina.

Molly: I feel like I’m known for my laugh and personality, maybe not always fondly.

Erin: My gingerness.

If you were stranded in the desert, who would you chose in your boat to be stranded with?

Kendall: I would choose Molly because although we would be stranded and probably not doing so well, she would still know how to make me laugh.

Kristine: I think I would get separation anxiety if I wasn’t with Kendall Chase after staring at her in the boat for two months. I don’t trust Molly because I think she might eat me. All in all, I would have to say Erin because she went to Princeton and is very resourceful.

Molly: Kendall, because at least if we died, we would die happy.

Erin: I would like to say Molly Bruggeman because she is generally a voice of reason, but I would be too afraid she would eat me if times got desperate. Therefore I’d have to go with Kristine because she would make sure we both survived.

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