Deadline to Propose Changes to the Rules of Rowing is August 31

All members of USRowing are invited to propose changes to the Rules of Rowing by August 31, 2017.

To propose a change to the Rules of Rowing, submit your proposal in the following format.

1. Rule X-XXX (x)(#): Title
* State what the current rule is, as found in the Rules of Rowing.
* Proposed Change: Revise paragraph X-XXX (x)(#) to read:
* State what your proposed rule change would look like in the revised Rules of Rowing. Italicize and bold your proposed changes within your proposed change to identify what you are proposing.
* Reason: Strongly defend your proposed change with examples, reasons, and explanations of how the proposed change will improve safety and/or fairness to provide more equitable racing conditions.

Submit your changes to All changes must be submitted no later than August 31 of the current year for consideration of incorporation into the following year’s Rules of Rowing. Anything submitted after August 31 will not be considered.

The proposed changes will be reviewed by the Referee Committee and the Rules Committee during the year. Once the changes are reviewed and any clarifications added, the proposals will be posted to from October 1-31 for public review and comment.

Any pertinent comments received will be reviewed and the proposal modified appropriately. The final version of the proposals, accompanied by the Referee Committee’s recommendations, will be sent to the Board of Directors for its consideration at the December meeting.

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