Training Suggestions for July and August for Club Athletes: Junior, Senior and Masters

As the major championships for high schools and colleges are over the club activities are getting into full swing, competitive club programs are typically geared towards racing at the Henley Royal Regatta, USRowing Club National Championships and Royal Canadian Henley. Here are some suggestions on how to train during the summer. These suggestions are good for the junior and seniors rowers.

Suggestions for masters rowers are in boxes and are copied from the Mark Borchelt training program for the masters in TRC.

The basic week should be made of three core workouts separated by some steady state (U2) workouts. The core workouts should be:

Long pieces of 3-4 miles (12-20 min) with gradually increased intensity going through three training zones U1, AT for major part of the piece and some TR (transportation) on the end of the piece. Examples:

  1. 2 x 15 min (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) at (22, 24, 26, 28, 30 ) or
  2. 1 x 12 min at 24/26 plus 1 x 12min (5, 3, 2, 1, 30”, 30”) at 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34




Long interval from 3-8 minutes (TR1) transportation pieces at the cadence just below your race pace. Suggested workouts:

  1. 4x 5’( 2’,2’,1’) at (32,34,36)  with 7 min rest between.
  2. (2-3) x 2000m at ( 32,32,34,36) with 7-10 min rest between

Short interval pieces (TR2) of 1 minutes or 250m at the cadence equal or a little higher than the racing cadence. Suggested workouts:

  1. 2-3 sets of 6 x (1’ on/1’off) at (34, 36, 38, 36, 34, 36) with 7 minutes rest between the sets.
  2. 3 sets of (250 on/250 off) at different combinations of the cadence from 34-38, some with starts, some with sprints.

This type of the program is very good for improving aerobic base as well as preparing the boats to race. There is no need for more intensity, more pieces.

Special preparation for championships can be done in a two-week program.

Week 1 will be the week of your “goal regatta,” which should contain a short taper, rest and racing on the weekend.

Week 2, preceding Week 1, is a week of super compensation. It means doing workouts at a higher intensity; quite a lot of pieces at race pace and above. Add the following workouts to your basic week schedule:

  • (5-6) x 500m at max, some with a start.
  • (3-4) x 1000m at race pace. It can be with a start or with a sprint.

This overload, followed by the rest in Week 1, should jump performance to the higher level. Do not be afraid to do it! IT WORKS!

All additional workouts should be U2 easy steady state workouts. Use your warm-ups to work on your technique, starts and very short 15” accelerations.

Types of Workouts: TR1 – Transportation, long interval; TR2 – Transportation, short interval; U2 – Utilization, low intensity; U1 – Utilization, medium intensity; AT – Anaerobic Threshold

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