Three Penn AC Teammates Advance to Men’s Single Final

The Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association had a great showing on Thursday at the 2017 Spring Speed Order 1 as three of its rowers advanced to the final of the men’s single.

Erik Frid, Luke Wilhelm and Nathan Lado all qualified for Friday’s finale with fellow Penn AC teammate Justin Keen just missing out, finishing fourth in semifinal 1.

“Obviously we wanted to get all three of us across the line,” Frid said of Keen not advancing. “It’s really a crap shoot out there and it comes down to who puts the best piece together. Justin can smoke us all at any particular moment.”

The four teammates have spent a lot of quality time together over the last four weeks.  They traveled to Florida in March for training and started to develop a bond that Frid likened to a “loose family.”

“Having a group of guys that you can chat with and enjoy training with is unique,” said the Ithaca College grad.  “We have great team chemistry that is tough to find. I don’t think a lot of people in their 20s have that day in and day out.”

Loose was also the atmosphere at the start line ahead of semifinal 1 as the Penn AC teammates spent the pressure-filled moments before the race chatting and keeping things light.  But after thinking about it for a moment, Frid changed course and said that probably had more to do with his teammates “just holding their cards close.”

With half the field in the men’s single final made up of Penn AC rowers, there is a high probability the winner will come from the Philadelphia-based club. Frid credits coach Sean Hall with instilling that winning mentality in all team members.

“You always want to get first,” said Frid.  “You go out and try to win every race you can but it’s unrealistic to think you can.  The idea is that you should be able to win your worst race.”

The men’s single A final will take place at 8:15 a.m. on Friday.


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Women’s Single

Beginning day three of Spring Speed Order was semifinal 1 of the women’s single. Felice Mueller (USTC) finished with the fastest time of the event in 7:55.94. Mueller was followed by USTC teammate Lauren Schmetterling who finished in 8:00.66. The third and final person in semifinal 1 to move to the A final was ARION’s Kara Soucek, who finished in 8:02.62

In semifinal 2, Krista Wagner (ARION) led the flight with a time of 8:09.15, followed by her teammate Elizabeth Vogt, who finished in 8:12.41. Third place was Aisha Chow of BIAC, who earned her place in the A final with a time of 8:13.80.

The A final will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:00 a.m.

Men’s Single

Semifinal 1 was the closest race of the day with the top four finishing in a spread of 3.5 seconds. Leading the race was Vesper’s Jonathan Kirkegaard who finished with the fastest time of the day in 7:15.15. He was followed closely by Erik Frid of Penn AC, finishing in 7:15.63. In third, Luke Wilhelm of Penn AC narrowly edged out the fourth place to qualify for the A final with a time of 7:17.86.

In the second semifinal, John Graves of Craftsbury led his flight and finished in 7:16.82. In second was Lenny Futterman (Schuylkill Navy) in 7:21.14. The final man to make it to the A final was Nathan Lado of Penn AC who finished in 7:26.60.

The A final will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:15 a.m.

Women’s Pair

The A final of the women’s pair will be raced entirely by USRowing Training Center Boats, as six out of the seven qualified for the final. In semifinal 1, the pair of 2016 Olympian Emily Regan and Erin Reelick took first with a time of 7:31.97. They were followed by Kelly Pierce and Kendall Chase who finished in 7:36.94. The third of three USTC boats entered in semifinal 1, raced by Coco Schoeller and Alex Spaulding, made it to the A final with a time of 7:40.62 in the first and only photo-finish of the day.

Semifinal 2 featured four USTC boats. In first place was the pair of 2016 Olympians from the women’s quad, Tracy Eisser and Megan Kalmoe with a time of 7:24.02. In second 2016 Olympian Grace Latz and Molly Bruggeman, finishing in 7:30.19. Following closely behind was the pair of Meghan Wheeler and Vicky Opitz in 7:32.55.

The A final will take place Friday, April 21 at 8:30 a.m.

Lightweight Women’s Single

In semifinal 1 of the lightweight single, Mary Jones of Cambridge Boat Club took first place with a time of 8:10.62. She was followed by Lauren Ayers of Riverside Boat club in 8:15.86. The third athlete to qualify for the A final was Michaela Copenhaver (GMS) who finished in 8:15.54.

The second semifinal saw the fastest lightweight women’s time of the day, with Cara Stawicki of Penn AC finishing first in 8:08.62. She was followed very closely by second place Emily Schmieg of Potomac who finished in 8:09.22. Third place was taken by Penn AC’s Lauren Klick who secured her spot with a time of 8:18.75.

The A final will take place Friday, April 21 at 9:00 am.

Lightweight Men’s Single

This morning, both first-place finishers in semifinals 1 and 2, Peter Schmidt (Riverside) and Hugh McAdam (Craftsbury) finished with the exact same time of 7:26.15.

All top places in semifinal 1 were taken by Riverside rowers, with second place Jacob Georgeson finishing in 7:33.92. Third place was Brendan Harrington who finished in 7:37.27.

In semifinal 2, Christopher Lambert-Rogers of Riverside earned second place in a time of 7:30.43. The fight for the final position in the A final was close, but Michael Orzolek (Penn AC) took the lead, edging himself into third with a time of 7:32.63.

The A final will take place Friday, April 21 at 9:15 a.m.


Women’s Single – C Final

The first-place finisher of the C final was Molly Hamrick of SoCal Scullers in a time of 8:13.31. In secord was Penn AC’s Kathryn Schiro who finished in 8:20.47. Third place was Meredith Kisting (Unaffiliated), finishing in 8:24.69.

Men’s Single – C Final

The first-place finisher of the C final was David Judah of Penn AC in a time of 7:26.25. In second was Riverside’s Alex Brown who finished close behind Judah in 7:27.60. Third place was Christopher Lambert of Malta, finishing in 7:34.84.

Men’s Single – D Final

Nicholas Goode of Vesper Boat Club took the first-place finish in the D final with a time of 7:29.35. In second was Thaddeus Babiec of Wide Load Boat Club, who finished in 7:31.99. Penn AC’s Ian Luetzow was third with a time of 7:37.52.

Men’s Single – E Final

The E final featured three Penn AC athletes. First place was Christopher Shirley with a time of 7:36.96, followed by James Garay in 7:39.23. The third and final finisher was Chris Reich who finished in 7:46.11.

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