PHOTO GALLERY: Freedom Rows Race at the Crew Classic

For the third consecutive year, the Freedom Rows race was a part of the San Diego Crew Classic.  Freedom Rows is a program offered by USRowing to promote the opportunities and benefits gained from the sport of rowing to disabled military veterans and members of the armed forces.

The 2017 Freedom Race at the Crew Classic featured U.S. Army Major Tia Smith, who was competed in her first regatta in San Diego.

1 of 11 The Blue Team takes in other races at the Crew Classic from the banks of Mission Bay.
2 of 11 Members of the Red Team prepare for the Freedom Rows race at the Crew Classic.
3 of 11 U.S. Army Major Tia Smith is joined by husband Eric and aunt Dolores prior to the Freedom Row race.
4 of 11 Smith talks strategy with her Red Team crew.
5 of 11 Smith gets acquainted with her crew moments before the race.
6 of 11 The Red Team rows out to the starting line.
7 of 11 The Blue Team takes the early lead.
8 of 11 The Blue Team extends its lead for the victory.
9 of 11 The Blue Team takes the podium at the medal ceremony.
10 of 11 Medals proudly on display at the medal ceremony.
11 of 11 The Red and Blue Teams celebrate a race well run.
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