Connect-A-Dock Renews Support as a 2017 USRowing Sponsor

USRowing is pleased to announce that Connect-A-Dock, a leading global rowing dock manufacturer, has renewed as a Silver Medal Event Sponsor for 2017. Connect-A-Dock provides docking systems to major regattas including the Head of the Charles and Masters Nationals, in addition to other USRowing events.

Connect-A-Dock is increasing its involvement at USRowing events in 2017. It will be the presenting sponsor of the Masters Racing Series, several regional regattas which culminate with the 2017 USRowing Masters National Championships in August. In addition, Connect-A-Dock is a sponsor of the USRowing Club National Championships and the USRowing Annual Convention.

In addition to its event support, Connect-A-Dock will offer benefits to USRowing members. Discounts will be available through the USRowing online member portal for all Connect-A-Dock products including docking systems and a wide range of accessories. To become a USRowing member, please click here.

We spoke with John Krogman, director of sales, marketing and international sales for Connect-A-Dock about what sets CAD apart from other docking systems.

What signature events feature Connect-A-Dock systems?

“Two of the major events that use our product are the Head of the Charles and Head of the Hooch. Those two events we’ve been partners with for numerous years as sponsors and dock supplies, both have several hundred feet of dock.”

What are some examples of clubs and universities that utilize Connect-A-Dock?

“A lot of clubs use Connect-A-Dock like Iowa, Wisconsin, Clemson, Augusta, Emory, Oak Ridge, Kansas State, Jacksonville University, Stanford, we have a lot of them in Sarasota and throughout Florida.”

What are the state-of-the-art elements in the Connect-A-Dock systems which set them apart from other companies?

“Our system is modular so it’s easy to configure and reconfigure, and easy to assemble. You don’t need a professional to come assemble the product, it’s easy to do yourself. You basically only need one tool to put it together, a 9/16 socket wrench. It can also be easily taken apart and moved to different events if you wanted to do that.

It’s got a low freeboard, which sticks out about six to seven inches out of the water. It’s a nonstick surface and very stable. If you’re rowing an 8+ and you’ve got everybody standing on the edge of the dock, you’re not going to get your feet wet; it’s got a lot of floatation. Just by adding more pieces, the dock can be as wide or as long as you want, so you can launch off both sides.

If your budget is limited, you can purchase pieces of the dock over many years and it’s going to continue to fit and look the same.”

What should an organization look for when selecting a docking system?

“The ease of installing and maintaining. With Connect-A-Dock, there’s no maintenance. You don’t have to stain it or replace boards. If a section happens to get cracked, it’s easy to repair with the repair kits that we sell, or you can just repair one piece instead of having to replace the whole dock. Our dock is also a light color so it’s not going to get hot in the sun. Make sure it’s not slick. Look at how you’re going to anchor the dock. All of our hardware that connects the dock sections together is marine-grade stainless steel, so as far as metal parts go, it’s the best you can get, so it doesn’t matter if it’s in saltwater or freshwater.”

About Connect-A-Dock

Connect-A- Dock provides state of the art docking systems to clients around the world, specializing in floating docks for rowing and all kinds of boating and complementary accessories. Entering its 18th season serving the rowing community, customers rate Connect-A-Dock’s modular dock systems as the best available, offering benefits of exceptional stability, ease of installation and removal. For more information on Connect-A-Dock and its products, please contact

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