Learn the Ins & Outs of the USRowing Referee Exam

This year promises to be a standout year for the USRowing Referee Corps. With the steady increase in USRowing registered regattas, there has been a growing need for qualified referees. To meet this demand, the USRowing Referee Program has developed a new on-line registration, training and licensing program to simplify the process required to complete the requirements needed to take, and pass, the USRowing Assistant License exam.

Beginning with a free one-year USRowing membership and the required NCSI background check, the program allows candidates to complete their training on-line using a Learning Management System.

The LMS course content was developed by the USRowing Referee College following the materials and format found in the USRowing Rules of Rowing. The training program follows the positions of the referee from control commission all the way to the completion of a race. It includes text, lecture, and videos designed to give the candidate a complete understanding of the procedures used by referees. Each section then tests the candidate’s knowledge with a short quiz.

“The basis of the LMS training program is to provide a national standard for the referee. This will help ensure that an athlete’s experience will be similar, whether they attend a regatta in Seattle or Philadelphia,” said John Wik, USRowing’s Director of Referee Programs.

Following completion of the on-line training program, candidates will match with a mentor by their USRowing Regional Coordinator. The mentor assures that the candidate will have the opportunity to attend several regattas and observe referees in action. These observations are essential to a complete understanding of the role of the official.

Once the observations are completed, the candidate can move on to preparing for their USRowing Assistant Referee Licensing exam. The on-line exam consists of two parts. First, the candidate must take, and complete, the SafeSport training program provided by the U.S. Olympic Committee. SafeSport training ensures that the candidate understands the signs of bullying, harassment, and inappropriate sexual activities and is required of all USRowing officials and staff.

Once the SafeSport training is complete, the candidate contacts his/her USRowing Regional Coordinator and is given a password to take the on-line assistant referee licensing exam. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the Rules of Rowing as well as the specific procedures used by officials to implement the rules.

With the completion of the exam, the candidate is granted a USRowing Assistant Referee license, allowing them to work any position at a USRowing Registered Regatta. The entire process is designed to allow the candidate to gain their USRowing Assistant Referee License within one regatta season, or roughly 2 – 6 months.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best seat in the house today. Become a USRowing Referee.

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