Here is How to Get the Best Seat on the Race Course

Are you a parent eager to get closer to your child’s new sport? Are you a recent college grad not ready to give up the thrill of a start where six eight’s fly into action? Are you curious about what the process to become a USRowing Referee really entails?

Meet Sharon Collins, the organization’s recently selected Candidate Referee Recruiter who is eager to help you on your journey to becoming headshotone of the honorable members of the USRowing Referee Corp.

“I’m very proud and excited to be offered this position,” said Sharon. “I’ve been involved with USRowing for over ten years as a parent, volunteer, rower, candidate, and Assistant Referee and welcome the opportunity to be involved in the process of recruiting Candidate Referees across the country.”

In her new role, Sharon will be working under the direction of USRowing Director of Referee Programs, John Wik, and assisting with the main goal of developing a comprehensive recruiting process in all regions of the country that assures the consistent interpretation, application and implementation of the Rules of Rowing by Candidate Referees under the guidance of the many passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable USRowing Referees currently in the organization. Collins broke down a few frequent questions to get you ready for the process!

Q: How hard is it to become a USRowing Referee?
A: The USRowing Referee Program has created a brand new website experience that allows you to apply online with a click of a few buttons. Filing out the candidate application, the NCSI background check and registering for the online training program only takes a few minutes.

Q: Is there an online training system?
A: Yes! Step two of becoming a referee is to register and complete the online referee training program found here.

Q: So when do I get on the water?
A: Once the background check is completed, new candidates will be invited by their Regional Coordinators to schedule a date to complete their candidate observation card. What does this mean? You can immediately start working with USRowing Referees on the water and experiencing the thrill of race day from a unique perspective.

Q: What happens after my observations are complete?
A: After your observations are complete, the next step will be to take your Assistant Referee exam, which you can find online. Following the exam, candidates will receive results immediately. Then, as a licensed USRowing Assistant Referee, you may begin refereeing events in your local area and across the country!

Q: Normally, how long does this whole process take?
A: We are currently scheduling observations during March and April racing with the expectation that you can take your USRowing Assistant Referee exam immediately after your observations are complete.

Q: Are referees compensated?
A: While candidates are not compensated, USRowing Referees and Assistant Referees are compensated with a stipend at most regattas. Also, hotel rooms and gifts are often included as part of the referee gratuity.

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