Row to Rio – Hans Struzyna

When he was a just a kid, Hans Struzyna was invited to take part in a sculling lesson with his family on Lake Sammamish in Redmond, Wash.

“The four of us went down to the lake, and we got into singles. We flipped and ran into each other and learned how to row these boats,” Struzyna said.

The lesson led him to join the Sammamish junior crew team, which led to the University of Washington, the U.S. under 23 team, then the quadruple sculls at the California Rowing Club. Finally, “here I am.”

“Here” for Struzyna is the Olympic team and the U.S. men’s eight, a boat that Struzyna helped qualify for Rio with a victory at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta this May in Lucerne, Switzerland. See a video interview of Struzyna that following that event.

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