USRowing Announces 2016 Under 23 and Senior National Teams

PRINCETON, N.J. – USRowing has announced the 84-person roster for the 2016 Under 23 and Senior National Teams that will compete August 21-28 at the 2016 World Rowing Senior, Under 23 and Junior Championships, pending final approval from organization’s High Performance Committee.

The 2016 World Rowing Championships will be unique in that the senior, junior and under 23 events will be held simultaneously for the first time at the Willem-Alexanderbaan Rowing Regatta Venue in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The U.S. roster includes athletes from 21 states, as well as England and France. Of the 26 universities represented, the University of Washington has the largest number of athletes with eight. There six each from Brown University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Wisconsin. Additionally, all eight Ivy League universities will be represented this year in competition.

The eight-day event features U.S. crews in 20 under 23 events including the men’s and women’s single sculls, lightweight men’s and women’s single sculls, men’s and women’s double sculls, lightweight men’s and women’s double sculls, women’s quadruple sculls, lightweight men’s and women’s quadruple sculls, men’s and women’s pair, lightweight men’s pair, men’s and women’s four, lightweight men’s four, men’s four with coxswain, and men’s and women’s eight.

Senior competition will feature seven events including the women’s four, men’s pair with coxswain, lightweight men’s and women’s single sculls, lightweight men’s pair and lightweight men’s and women’s quadruple sculls.

The U.S. won four medals at the 2015 World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria including gold in the women’s pair, women’s four and women’s eight.

The senior national team claimed gold in the women’s four and bronze in the lightweight women’s single sculls in non-Olympic events at the 2015 World Rowing Championships in Aiguebelette, France.

The 2016 U.S. Junior National Team will be announced later in the week.

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2016 U.S. Senior National Team Roster
Event, Name, Hometown, Affiliation
*indicates 2015 junior, under 23 and senior world championship medalist

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Mary Jones (Huntsville, Ala.) – Vesper Boat Club

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Colin Ethridge (Laytonsville, Md.) – Malta Boat Club

Men’s Pair with Coxswain
(c) Lou Lombardi (Huntingdon, Pa.) – Vesper Boat Club*
(s) Tom Peszek (Farmington Hills, Mich) – Vesper Boat Club
(b) Yohann Rigogne (Besançon, France ) – Vesper Boat Club

Lightweight Men’s Pair
(s) Peter Gibson (Belmont, Mass.) – Community Rowing, Inc.
(b) Andy Weiland (Upper Arlington, Ohio) – Community Rowing, Inc.

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Christopher Lambert-Rogers (Ithaca, N.Y.) – Riverside Boat Club
(3) Peter Schmidt (Providence, R.I.) – Riverside Boat Club*
(2) Jacob Georgeson (North Olmsted, Ohio) – Riverside Boat Club
(b) Tobin McGee (Rye, N.Y.) – Riverside Boat Club*

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Emily Schmieg (Philadelphia, Pa.) – Potomac Boat Club
(3) Morgan McGovern (San Francisco, Calif.) – Potomac Boat Club
(2) Ashley Amos (Bennington, Vt.) – Riverside Boat Club
(b) Monica Whitehouse (Muskego, Wis.) – Sarasota Crew

Women’s Four
(s) Kristine O’Brien (Massapequa Park, N.Y.) – USRowing Training Center*
(3) Corinne Schoeller (Miami, Fla.) – USRowing Training Center
(2) Emily Huelskamp (Sainte Genevieve, Mo.) – USRowing Training Center
(b) Molly Bruggeman (Dayton, Ohio) – USRowing Training Center

2016 U.S. Under 23 National Team Roster
Event, Name, Hometown, Affiliation
*indicates 2015 junior, under 23 and senior world championship medalist

Women’s Single Sculls
Cicely Madden (Weston, Mass.) – Cambridge Boat Club

Men’s Single Sculls
Benjamin Davison (Inverness, Fla.) – Craftsbury Sculling Center

Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Emma Betuel (East Hampton, N.Y.) – Riverside Boat Club

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Walter Banfield (Wake, Va.) – Olympia Area Rowing Association

Women’s Double Sculls
(s) Emily Kallfelz (Jamestown, R.I.) – Narragansett Boat Club*
(b) Eliza Kallfelz (Jamestown, R.I.) – Narragansett Boat Club

Men’s Double Sculls
(s) Michael Gaude (Oxford, Pa.) – Conshohocken Rowing Center
(b) Michael Yaron (Wynnewood, Pa.) – Conshohocken Rowing Center

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
(s) Olivia Farrar (Pittsford, N.Y.) – Pittsford Crew
(b) Emma Hopkins (Stillwater, N.Y.) – Saratoga Rowing Association

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
(s) Nick Montalvo (Coral Gables, Fla.) – Craftsbury Sculling Center
(b) Samuel O’Brien (Tampa, Fla.) – Craftsbury Sculling Center

Women’s Pair
(s) Kendall Chase (Evergreen, Colo.) – University of California*
(b) Georgia Ratcliff (Falls Church, Va.) – University of Virginia*

Men’s Pair
(s) Brennan Wertz (Marin, Calif.) – Stanford University
(b) Jovanni Stefani (San Francisco, Calif.) – Stanford University

Lightweight Men’s Pair
(s) Kyle James (Princeton, N.J.) – Princeton National Rowing Association
(b) John “Jack” Gleim (West Windsor, N.J.) – Princeton National Rowing Association

Men’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Travis Taaffe (Sarasota, Fla.) – Newell Training Center
(3) Isaac Mocarski (Bristol, R.I.) – Newell Training Center
(2) Spencer Haas (Delafield, Wis.) – Newell Training Center
(b) John Kelley (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.) – Newell Training Center

Women’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Maddie Wanamaker (Neenah, Wis.) – University of Wisconsin
(3) Alison Nordell (Gates Mills, Ohio) – Yale University
(2) Julia Sesler (Bronxville, N.Y.) – Yale University
(b) Marlee Blue (Seattle, Wash.) – University of Washington*

Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Emma Betuel (East Hampton, N.Y.) – Riverside Boat Club
(3) Molly Pierce (Wayland, Mass.) – Cambridge Boat Club
(2) Helena Randle (Brookline, Mass.) – Cambridge Boat Club
(b) Brigid Kennedy (East Greenwich, R.I.) – Narragansett Boat Club

Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
(s) Andrew Seski (Grosse Pointe, Mich.) – Undine Barge Club
(3) Landis Walsh (Winchester, Mass.) – Undine Barge Club
(2) Casey Howshall (Philadelphia, Pa.) – Undine Barge Club
(b) Reid Cucci (Montclair, N.J.) – Undine Barge Club

Women’s Four
(s) Sarah Dougherty (Kent, Wash.) – University of Washington*
(3) Kendall Brewer (Austin, Texas) – University of Michigan
(2) Gia Doonan (Rochester, Mass.) – University of Texas
(b) Regina Salmons (Methuen, Mass.) – University of Pennsylvania

Men’s Four
(s) Avery Reavill (Culver, Ind) – Brown University
(3) Brooks Reavill (Culver, Ind.) – Brown University
(2) Cuyler Hamilton (Wayne, Pa.) – Cornell University
(b) Michael Colella (Kensington, Md.) – Cornell University

Lightweight Men’s Four
(s) William Van Fossen (Moorestown, N.J) – Yale University
(3) David Mottola (Vienna, Va.) – Columbia University
(2) Samuel Ward (Winter Park, Fla.) – University of Pennsylvania
(b) Austin Velte (West Chester, Pa.) – Yale University

Men’s Four with Coxswain
(c) Rielly Milne (Woodinville, Wash.) – University of Washington
(s) Sean Kelly (Princeton, N.J.) – University of Washington
(3) Samuel Pettet (Seattle, Wash.) – University of Washington
(2) Arne Landboe (Shoreline, Wash.) – University of Washington
(b) Ezra Carlson (Eureka, Calif.) – University of Washington

Women’s Eight
(c) Colette Lucas-Conwell (Palo Alto, Calif.) – University of Virginia*
(s) Kendall Chase (Evergreen, Colo.) – University of California*
(7) Georgia Ratcliff (Fall Church, Va.) – University of Virginia
(6) Sarah Dougherty (Kent, Wash.) – University of Washington*
(5) Kendall Brewer (Austin, Texas) – University of Michigan
(4) Cassandra Johnson (Eden Prairie, Minn.) – The Ohio State University
(3) Regina Salmons (Methuen, Mass.) – University of Pennsylvania
(2) Gia Doonan (Rochester, Mass.) – University of Texas
(b) Erin Briggs (Orono, Minn.) – University of Virginia

Men’s Eight
(c) Jake Mendelson (Jacksonville, Fla.) – University of Pennsylvania
(s) Nate Goodman (Montclair, N.J.) – Yale University
(7) Alex Wallis (Cupertino, Calif.) – University of California
(6) Kyle Flagg (Newport Beach, Calif.) – University of California
(5) Justin Murphy (Montclair, N.J.) – University of California*
(4) Nick Mead (Strafford, Pa.) – Princeton University
(3) Trey Francis (St. Louis, Mo.) – Princeton University
(2) Bobby Moffitt (Greenwich, Conn.) – Dartmouth College
(b) Greg Davis (Hillsborough, Calif.) – Cornell University*

Coaches/Support Staff

Kathryn Ackerman, Team Doctor
Durrant Alida, Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
Wyatt Allen, Under 23 Men’s Eight
Craig Amerkhanian, Under 23 Men’s Pair
Guenter Beutter, Under 23 Women’s Single Sculls
Eric Carson, Team Doctor
Sean Clarke, Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
Colin Farrell, Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Four
Niles Garratt, Under 23 Men’s Four with Coxswain
Matt Imes, Team Leader
Kaity Jackson, Team PT
Brett Johnson, Media
Andrew Kallfelz, Under 23 Women’s Double Sculls
Christopher Kerber, Under 23 Men’s Four
Nathanael Kielt, Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Pair
Tiffany Knapp, Referee
Don Langford, VIP
Amy Langford, VIP
Patrick Lapage, Under 23 Men’s Quadruple Sculls
Richard Laurance, Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
Matt Madigan, Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Sarah Marshall, Media
Deirdre McLoughlin, Team PT
Greg Myhr, Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls, Under 23 Men’s Single Sculls
Wesley Ng, Under 23 Women’s Eight, Women’s Four, Women’s Pair
Marcus Nowak, Team PT
Michael Orzolek, Under 23 Men’s Double Sculls
John Parker, Men’s Pair with Coxswain, Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
CB Sands-Bohrer, Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Bruce Smith, Lightweight Men’s Pair
Liz Soutter, Team Leader
Judith Vogel, Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls, Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
John Wall, Under 23 Women’s Quadruple Sculls
Robert Weber, Women’s Four
Scott Wisniewski, Under 23 Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls

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