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Look Up My Club Code

Are you looking for your club code and can’t seem to find it? The club code is important because it is the code that you communicate to new athletes so that they are affiliated with your organization and appear on your roster. This is especially important for organizations who prepay their membership fees.

Just follow these steps to obtain your Club Code –

  1. Visit the USRowing Membership Portal. You’ll see two icons, “Individuals” and Organizations.” Click on the “Members” button of “Organizations.”
  2. Enter the RegattaCentral account that is being used to manage the organizational account. If you don’t know what RegattaCentral account is being used to manage the account or are being prompted for a token and club admin code that you don’t know, please call USRowing Member Services at 800-314-4769, and we can help. Also, it is encouraged when you link a RegattaCentral account to your organizational account that you use a generic account that others can access since only one RegattaCentral account can be linked at this time.
  3. Once you login, click on the “Roster” button of the organization that you want to manage.
  4. At the top of the roster screen under the “Roster” heading, you’ll see links for “Active”, “Archive”, “Process Memberships”, and “Settings.” Click on “Settings” to obtain your Club Code. As an option, you can provide open access to your roster which means athletes do not need the Club Code to add themselves to your roster. This does not allow them access to your roster, only the ability to add themselves to your roster without the Club Code.

Alternatively, you can call USRowing Member Services at 800-314-4769, and we’ll be happy to provide you with your Club Code. For more information about roster management functionality, please view the following video –

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