Level 3 Certification for the High Performance Coach

USRowing is pleased to announce the official launch of its new Level 3 Coaching Certification for the High Performance Coach. The goal of this course is to create knowledgeable, independent-thinking coaches who are equipped with the vision to lead programs at every level from youth to the national team, as well as to run multipurpose programs that include outreach, adaptive, youth and masters athletes. This course will produce coaches with a wide range of knowledge, curiosity and intellect who will become future mentors and coaching educators. 

This course uses Successful Coaching and Rowing Faster as the primary textbooks. Successful Coaching by Rainer Martens is one of the best and most popular books about coaching. Rowing Faster by Volker Nolte is a collection of chapters written by top sport scientists in biomechanics (Valery Kleshnev, Volker Nolte) and physiology (Ulrich Hartmann, Declan Connolly, Kurt Jensen, Ed McNeal and others), as well as  several of the world’s top coaches including Mike Teti, Mike Spracklen, Dick Tonks, Yasmin Farooq, Al Morrow and others.

In addition, Level 3 includes video presentations from various coaching conferences by Harry Parker, Steve Gladstone, Tom Terhaar, Kevin Sauer, Sandy Armstrong and many others.

To view the Level 3 table of contents, click here.

Structure of the course

The online course is in the form of a syllabus, supplemented by comments and explanations that make it a concise and user-friendly learner’s guide. Once the candidate advances through each chapter’s assigned  material, he or she is directed to answer questions correctly before proceeding to the next subject.

There is no exam. Coaches are required to complete 13 tasks throughout the duration of the course to achieve Level 3 certification. The most interesting and inspiring part of the course is the three-day, onsite seminar where coaches have the opportunity to discuss each subject in detail and defend their points of view in front of the group.

Application and selection of candidates

Candidates must apply to be considered for the Level 3 course. All candidates must have the current Level 2 certification or the previous Level II or Level III certification, as well as a minimum of two years active coaching since receiving certification. Candidates also must have access to athletes in order to complete the necessary tasks for this course.

Once all applications are submitted, the 15 candidates for the course will be selected by a coaching education subcommittee on the basis of results, notable achievements (e.g., building or turning around programs), lectures or presentations at coaching seminars and conferences, etc. More details and requirements are available on the application form itself. 

  • Applications can be downloaded here. Please note: download the form first, open it up in Adobe Acrobat Reader, complete the form, and “Save.”
  • The deadline for applications is August 15, 2019, and should be submitted to Willie Black, USRowing Coaching Development.
  • Announcement of candidates for the course will be made on August 25.

Cost of the course

The course fee is $400 and includes the online course and the three-day, onsite seminar (excluding lodging and transportation).

Additional costs are:

  • Three textbooks, Successful Coaching by Rainer Martens and Rowing Faster by Volker Nolte, both 1st and 2nd editions.
  • Transportation and hotel costs for the three-day, onsite seminar are the coach’s  responsibility. The three-day course will take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, December 4-6, prior to the coaches conference at the USRowing Annual Convention. If attending the coaches conference, there will be an additional fee for the conference.

If you have any questions on Level 3 Certification, please contact Willie Black.

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